Diabetic, prescriptions for 2 pairs of glasses, both including prisms.

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by mieanyody, Sep 8, 2018.

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    Sep 8, 2018
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    I am a life long type 1 diabetic (45 years). In the past several years I have had many eye procedures and surgeries done to both eyes...2 vitrectomies (1 on each eye), cataract removals, YAG procedure for a secondary cataract, countless laser treatments and even more eye injections. I have been diagnosed with advanced PDR in both eyes and very mild DME in my right eye. I see 2 different opthalmologists regularly, one that treats the front of my eyes and one that treats the back of eyes. I also have another doctor that oversees my basic eye exams and prescription glasses I require. After having my second cataract recently removed and the YAG procedure done on my other eye, my overall vision has greatly improved and I am finally able to safely drive again. However, my up close vision is horrible and I can see nothing without reading glasses. At my final post op visit with my eye surgeon and his staff he put me through a long series of eye vision tests. One of the problems that I have been experiencing is that each eye sees a different size object or print than the other eye sees. This creates double vision once in a while, especially when I am tired or sleepy. Because of this I have been prescribed eye glasses that contain "prisms". My doctor explained that my close up vision and distant vision both require "prisms" to straighten my eyes out and to get rid of the double vision. But he also stated that the 2 different prisms cannot be together in the same pair of glasses. So I have 2 prescriptions to fill, one for my readers and one for my distance vision. My distance vision I think is great. So I am reluctant to fill that prescription at this time. But the one for up close reading are an absolute necessity as I am unable to read anything, see the computer, operate my insulin pump, load syringes, etc. without reading glasses. But I also know how I am with glasses that I will be constantly taking on and off...they get dirty and bent, I misplace them all the time, they fall off my head or shirt if I have removed them to either of those places, etc. It is a real pain having to keep them clean and in good condition while having to keep track of their whereabouts continually. And prescription glasses are not cheap. Does anyone know if there is a national eyeglass place that makes these prism type reading glasses that are kind of like bifocals, where the reader would be located in one area of the lens and the rest of the lens would be made of clear glass? If so and if I was able to obtain a pair of glasses such as that, I would not have constantly take them on and off. I could wear them all the time instead. Does anyone know of such a place that would make glasses like this?
    mieanyody, Sep 8, 2018
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