difference between monthly and daily lenses

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by b33k34, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. b33k34

    b33k34 Guest

    What is the difference between monthly and daily lenses? They are sold
    at vastly different prices (Online discount prices Ciba £5monthly/60p
    daily; J&J £5/93p) but logic suggests manufacturing and packaging
    costs are the same for both and the lens itself must cost almost

    Ciba dailies certainly feel a lot thinner than monthlies and i have
    trouble with them drying out and falling out sometimes. The J&J
    SureVues feel the same whether monthly or daily.

    It strikes me that this is probably completely marketing lead and using
    dailies for a week at a time with 'all-in-one' cleaning fluid would be
    healthier and cheaper than monthlies if they're basically the same lens
    with the added bonus of lower replacement costs when a lens was lost.
    b33k34, Jul 20, 2006
  2. b33k34

    acemanvx Guest

    stick with whatever is more comfortable. If you like glasses, wear
    those instead. Dont overwear contacts and dont sleep in them or youll
    ruin your eyes
    acemanvx, Jul 21, 2006
  3. b33k34

    b33k34 Guest

    I find glasses weigh on my nose by the end of the day, get dirty and
    are no use for cycling so prefer contacts but try to wear glasses at
    least one day each week. I sleep in lenses overnight only if i forget
    to take them out (maybe once or twice a year) and I rarely have any
    problems with comfort wearing them from the time i get up to the time
    i go to bed but find the cheap Ciba dailies more problematic in terms
    of drying out than the monthlies.

    Do you have any views on what i actually asked?
    b33k34, Jul 21, 2006
  4. b33k34

    Sandy Guest

    Some companies make similar lenses that they sell at different price
    points for daily, bi-weekly, or monthly replacement. But CIBA Dailies
    is a unique material, specifically designed for daily replacement, and
    you should find that the lens will not hold up well to multiple days of

    If they are drying out and falling out, why would you want to wear them
    anyway? Get a lens that lets you feel great and see well.
    Sandy, Jul 21, 2006
  5. b33k34

    b33k34 Guest

    Because they're nearly half the price of Surevue dailies! However, I
    was wearing the first of a batch of Surevue daily moist over the
    weekend in very dry dusty conditions and they were really comfortable.
    it's those i'm thinking of wearing for a few days to bring them down to
    the price of the Cibas.
    b33k34, Jul 24, 2006
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