Disapointed with eye doctor, does this sound unreasonable?

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Kimi, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. Kimi

    Kimi Guest


    I've been wearing contacts since early July, Acuvue 2 lenses. I love my
    contacts, they make life so much more enjoyable than with the 20/200
    vision I had previously. I am very appreciative of my contacts and my
    eye doctor's office for their help.

    My last appointment was a little over a month ago and I do not have to
    go back until next summer.

    My first boxes (one for each eye) that my eye doctor gave me in August
    (as part of my fitting fee) will run out in a couple weeks. So this
    week I picked up my prescription at my eye doctor, they were very
    friendly about giving me my prescription, so that I could purchase my
    lenses during my weekend trip to Costco. Costco was fantastic, they had
    my prescription in stock and they were very cheap at $13 per box.

    When I got home I compared the boxes from my eye doctor to make sure
    they were identical, they were, except that Costco marked the left and
    right eye opposite from what my contacts from the eye doctor were
    marked! I was upset and thought this was one of those reasons not to
    leave your optometrist to buy contacts. However, I looked at the
    prescription and saw that Costco did it correctly and marked each box

    Although I saw the 20/20 line decent at my last contact lens check-up,
    my doctor told me that before I was reading some of the letters on the
    line below 20/20, but he said 20/20 was good enough so we wouldn't
    worry. I also remember seeing the pixelation on my TV screen because
    DirecTV compresses the image too much with my trial lenses, but that was
    no longer the case.

    So, I cleaned my lenses and swapped them. Wow! It was a big
    difference! I can see much better now. So ever since I finished my
    trial lenses and were using the Acuvue 2 boxes that my eye doctor gave
    me, I have been seeing at an inferior level than what I am capable of
    seeing because they marked the boxes wrong (it is a -0.5 difference in
    prescription, not huge so I could still see, but definitely a difference)!

    I'm going to call my eye doctor's office very kindly on Monday and ask
    to have the doctor call me when he has time. I'll be very kind, but I
    want to let him know about this error and I'd also like to be refunded
    the cash amount that I paid. Does that sound unreasonable? I think he
    charged $260 US for the eye exam and contact lens fitting (including my
    first 2 boxes of Acuvue 2 lenses). It seemed high to me, but not too
    high for good vision. Insurance paid $200, but I had to pay $60 cash
    and I'd like that refunded because I've went 3 months or so with
    inferior vision. Maybe I'm just hot because I've found this all out in
    the last few hours, but do I sound like an unreasonable joke or am I
    right to be a little upset? I want to be kind to my eye doctor as he is
    very kind and it was his right hand helper that marked the boxes, not
    him, but it is still a serious mistake in my honest opinion and I want
    to let him know about it as I know he cares about his patients.

    Thanks for any advice/suggestions?
    Kimi, Oct 19, 2003
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  2. Kimi

    Kimi Guest

    Thank you Dr.

    You're right I don't think I'll even talk to him, but maybe go to
    another doctor in the future. I wouldn't want to make an appointment as
    he would charge me a few hundred dollars. haha. You are right, it was
    a transposition error by the staff I always knew that, but I felt he as
    the owner was responsible (at least for the lenses themselves that I
    paid for that because of their error was worn incorrectly). It does
    suck I didn't see correctly for three months, but the three months are
    over and I'm ok now after all.

    I did have several follow-up visits. Twice with my training lenses and
    once several weeks later with the lenses from the incorrectly marked
    boxes. However, the error only made a -0.5 overcorrection in the right
    eye and a -0.5 undercorrection in the right eye, so I was still seeing
    at an acceptable level (although less than at my previous appointments
    by his own admission) when he last saw me. Thats why we did not catch it

    Thanks for cooling me off and for your kind reply. I have great respect
    for those of you in this field!
    Kimi, Oct 19, 2003
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