Disappointed in Acuvue Advance lenses

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by tempest, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. tempest

    tempest Guest

    Hi All.

    I have recently switched from B&L Optima FW to Acuvue Advance contact
    lenses which my optometrist recommended after I complained about my
    dry eyes. So far I am very disappointed in the comfort level provided
    by Acuvue Advance due to its rapid accumulation of deposits.

    Here is a summary of my one and a half month experience with Acuvue
    Advance and 5+ year experience with Optima FW:

    Acuvue Advance lenses feel slightly more comfortable then Optima FW in
    the first three days of daily wear. Thereafter, its comfort level
    drops *dramatically*. As the result, I find it uncomfortable to wear
    the same pair of Acuvue Advance lenses after a week.

    On the other hand, the comfort level provided by Optima FW stays
    fairly constant during the first two weeks of daily wear. In fact I
    can easily wear Optima FW lenses for up to four weeks before I need a
    new pair. The only complaint I have for Optima FW is the dry eye

    I have tried several cleaning and disinfecting method on Acuvue
    Advances lenses and here is the summary of my experience:

    1) Using Miraflow for daily cleaning and hydrogen peroxide solution
    for daily disinfection. This has been my standard practice for many
    years. Under this practice, I can barely wearing Acuvue Advances
    lenses for a little more then a week before I need a new pair. If I
    wish to stretch the wearing period to two weeks, I have to spent extra
    5+ minutes every day to rub my lenses with extra Miraflow solution.
    But usually the lenses simply become uncomfortable to wear after 10

    2) Using multi-purpose solution for daily cleaning and disinfection.
    Under this practice, I need to toss away my lenses after five days.

    3) Using Purilens cleaning system. I bought a Purilens system a week
    ago and had high hope for this cleaning/disinfecting system after
    reading about the system's superb ability to clean deposits from
    contact lenses on the web and Usenet. However, to my disappointment
    this is the worst cleaning/disinfecting system to use with Acuvue
    Advance even if I use Miraflow for daily cleaning. In fact, the first
    time I used Purilens I followed its standard procedure and place my
    lenses into the holder without rubbing the lenses in any daily
    cleaning solution. The result was a noticeable transparent layer of
    deposit on the surface of the lenses. Needless to say, I decided to
    throw a away that pair of lenses which I wore for only two days.

    After experimenting with various cleaning/disinfection method, it
    seems Miraflow plus hydrogen peroxide is the best.

    Does any know a better way to clean Acuvue Advance?

    May be I should dump Acuvue Advance for other lenses.

    If anyone has positive experience with Acuvue Advance, please let me
    know how you handle daily cleaning/disinfection.

    tempest, Mar 6, 2004
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  2. tempest

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    I have just started wearing the Acuvue Advance lenses, and so far am
    impressed with the comfort. Patients have also been making similar

    There are different causes of "dry eye", and many variations in the tear
    film of people with "dry eye." I have not found a single lens that works
    universally for people with dry eye. In fact, I have started to categorize
    my dry eye patients with respect to which lens works best.

    If you got along better with the Optima FW, then that is the lens you
    should wear. Your eye doctor should have given you a trial pair of Acuvue
    Advance before selling you any.

    I agree with your cleaning system.

    Dr. Leukoma, Mar 6, 2004
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  3. tempest

    tempest Guest

    I forgot to mention that I had a trial pair of Acuvue Advance lenses.
    And they happened to be the only pair I was able to wear for a little
    over two weeks without much discomfort. The subsequent lenses I got
    are from the retail packages and the individual lens packaging inside
    look a little different than the trial lenses I got. I remember the
    packaging of the trial lenses only have the word "galyfilcon A"
    printed on it and has a red color line on it. The packing of the
    retail lenses have both "Acuvue Advance" and "galyfilcon A" printed on
    it and does not have any red color lines or words printed on it.

    I probably won't go back to Optima FW since I experienced more dry eye
    sensations wearing those lenses although they don't accumulate
    deposits as fast as Acuvue Advance.

    As soon as my currently supplies of Acuvue Advance runs out, I will
    ask my optometrist about alternative lenses.
    What other daily cleaner would you recommend?
    Miraflow seems to be okay but if there is something better at getting
    rid of lens depoists, I may want to try it.

    tempest, Mar 7, 2004
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