Does this practice still keep records and will they take the possibility of diseases seriously?

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Beady987, Jul 16, 2023.

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    Jul 16, 2023
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    Hi I'm in England (UK), retired, single, often ill, and decided i would like to be around people to give me guidance as my nearest optician Messrs Z (whom I vaguely remember going to before now, when they were Z0) is "under new management" (so we can now call them Z1).

    This made me think the entire situation through systematically.

    In a town where I used to live I used to go to Messrs X. They checked out my peripheral vision as well as central, and were on the lookout for diseases. They also helped me considerably with my specific learning differences (which I found out about in middle age).

    I then went for a period to practice Y in a nearby village. They continued in similar wise to how practice X had done.

    Since moving to my current town 12 years ago, I for the first so many years can't remember who I saw.

    I think I have been to practice Z0 for my eyes at least once during the last 5 years.

    1 - Since the takeover will they have kept any records (and I've no idea whether they ever received any from the previous practices either).

    2 - I know I don't need new glasses (money spending).

    3 - I have a couple of pairs with loose sides needing simple repairs (money spending, or not).

    4 - My vision in itself has mostly been reasonably alright except for tiredness

    5 - Will they be able to look for advancing illnesses as I suspect cerebro spinal fluid fluctuations over the years, especially recently, and my present GP is unrelible altogether.

    6 - I understand "new management" really means more than that.

    All background urgently welcome. My appointment with Z1 is in 2 days and I don't want them to take me as painting myself in a corner by apparent verbal assent. I am no longer good at talking. I seem to remember the crew I saw previously, gave me the impression they understood me well. But I had a good GP then (I am still registered at the same GP premises, the good GP left it).
    Beady987, Jul 16, 2023
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