Does this prescription make sense for me? And will an eye doc fill it?

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by astigmatic, Oct 22, 2017.

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    Two questions here, thanks for reading!

    My current contact lens prescription is:
    OD -5.25: -2.25 x 180
    OS -4.50: -2.75 x 180

    An eye doctor I saw wrote me this for eyeglasses:
    OD -4.50: -3.00 x 180
    OS -4.50: -3.00 x 4

    The doctor who wrote this specializes in contact lenses only, his office does not work with glasses. He's something of a contact lens expert, specializing in hard to fit eyes and custom MTO contact lenses.

    I'm having comfort issues with contact lenses, so I need a pair of glasses. I told him that my current Rx for eyeglasses gives me tremendous eyestrain and fatigue. So, I asked him to write me an Rx for glasses while we work on the contacts, and he dashed the above off rather quickly. I do trust his expertise.

    Question 1:
    Why did he write such an odd prescription for me?

    Does it look like he wrote it this way to relax my eyes and alleviate the strain I described?

    1. I've never had an Rx with the same power and astigmatism correction in both eyes (I do note the axis is different).
    2. The power is considerably weaker than what any optometrist has written me. I do understand that glasses are written stronger than contacts Rx to account for the distance from your eyes.
    3. My astigmatism correction is increased in both eyes.

    I have a history of being overcorrected, and he agreed. He examined my glasses and said it's no wonder I get eye fatigue from them, and that my Rx isn't so complicated -- I should be able to have a pair of glasses that do not cause me pain.


    So, say this Rx was written to relieve eyestrain. I don't think I'll be seeing 20/20 in this prescription. Not that I need to, I work on the computer all day and I don't need something super strong. I just need something that doesn't hurt to wear.

    Question 2:
    What is the likelihood of another eye doc willing to fill this RX?
    Doctors love to overcorrect me apparently, and I imagine most eye docs worry about the liability of sending you out the door with an Rx that is too weak.

    A different eye doctor I saw earlier in the year for glasses wrote me something much higher. I don't recall offhand what it was but it was up around -7/-8. I never ended up getting it filled because honestly it felt too strong to me. I do however want to go back to him because I already paid for the exam.

    I'm rather desperate to see without pain, as both my eyeglasses and contacts are affecting my ability to function.

    Thanks again for reading through this.

    astigmatic, Oct 22, 2017
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