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Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Darrian, Jun 12, 2004.

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    I am in a great panic about dry eye and even feel hopeless now. The
    story is going to be long coz I truly want to know what's going on and
    do not want to miss telling anything important.

    Before anything happened (a couple of weeks ago), I had been wearing
    contacts for almost 5 years. Ever since I started wearing them, every
    year I would either have styes or chalazions developed. And it seemed
    it was getting worse because the first a couple of years all I got was
    styes and they went away in a week. But in 2001 I got chalazion
    instead and it lasted about 2 months before it totally disappeared. In
    2003 I got another chalazion and this time it was so bad that I had to
    undergo an incision and totally it took about 4 months for it to
    disappear. I always suspected it was partly caused by contacts at
    least but the doc said no.
    The other thing that seems to worsen is a lot of times when I got off
    work (working as a software developer and office is kind of dark),
    when walking in the outside, I could not keep my eyes open for more
    than 2 seconds before I felt I had to blink. If I tried to hold not to
    blink, then I would feel the contacts were about to slip out (although
    it never truly slipped out) and the lens felt very very dry in my
    eyes. But this problem was not noticeable when I walked into a room
    (not very light of coz).
    Anyway, other than that, no other discomfort until recently. About 8
    weeks ago, the corner of my left eye became red and swollen, I thought
    it was going to be another bad chalazion or stye. But it only lasted
    for 3 days and nothing came out. I was really happy. Then after 9
    days in the afternoon my left eye felt so irritated and discomfort and
    I had to take out the contact lens. So I did not wear contacts for the
    left eye for two days (still wearing the right one) and it felt much
    better. Then I put the contacts in but my right eye started feeling
    irritated and uncomfortable. I decided to take both them out for four
    days to give them a break. After four days, my eyes seemed to feel
    well and I put the contacts in. Almost for the first time, I wanted to
    use "eyes feeling dry" to describe the feeling of wearing them. And it
    was uncomfortable right from the moment I put them in. Normally it was
    from 2-3 o'clock, I felt I could not stand them no more and my eyes
    felt too irritated and uncomfortable. So this went go for another week
    (I tried my best to wear them) and eventually I went to see the

    She said my eyes were just a bit dry and it was contact lens induced.
    She gave me some other brands to try on. I tried clearvision, B&B
    toric (my old ones are B&B 59 without astigmatism) and Focus day and
    night. None of them can give me the comfort I used to experience
    although they seemed to be more tolerable than my old contacts. The
    other thing I started to feel besides the dryness is burning
    sensation. Because I work with computer, my eyes started to feel
    burning normally from the afternoon. Taking a break from the monitor
    helped. So I went back to see the optometrist again. The optometrist
    told me that it would take me some time to get back to old schedule
    since my eyes were too dry now. She assured me that focus ones are 6
    times more gas permeable than regular ones so I would feel better
    after using them for a while. So I bought two boxes of focus and told
    myself that it would take some time. However, it did not get better
    but it got worse. It seemed my wearing time for this focus got
    shortened every day and the burning feeling was getting worse every
    day. I was really bothered and talked to another optometrist. She said
    my eyes were dry and it was mild to moderate. She said I probably
    should stop wearing contacts for a a couple months and some ppl may be
    able to wear them again and some may not. I was really frustrated coz
    contacts are so important to me since my myopia is so strong that
    wearing the thick lens basically would destroy my life (I admit it is
    vanity but becoz my eyes are around -10, the glasses really make me
    look very bad). She also gave me some acuve daily to try and she said
    it was not better than focus but maybe I want to use them occasionally
    coz it would be cheaper than the monthly focus. Strangely, the daily
    ones seem to be more comfortable than the focus one. I really got
    perplexed and went back to the original optometrist and told her that.
    She was also puzzled and said since I got my new glasses I should stop
    contact lens for a month and then go back to her.
    I always thought my eyes' problem were all becoz of contacts. The fact
    was every night when I took them out, after a while my eyes just felt
    much better although not to the level of normal. But the problem now
    is even without wearing contacts for a week, my eyes still felt
    burning and discomfort after using watching the monitor for 45 mins.
    Now it seems I have to take frequent breaks during work even I am not
    wearing contacts. I am in a deep depression now since I thought if I
    gave up my vanity, at least life would be back to normal. But it did
    not! I start to feel that I would never be like before any more and
    start panicking about my profession. Maybe staring at computer is
    worsening my situation but what can I do??? Changing a job after 7
    years' education (including grad study) and 3 years' work??
    Both optometrists said the oil in my tear film is very thick. And
    there are small oil camps on the margin of my eyelid. Ever since a
    month ago, every week there would be some inflammation spot showing up
    on my eyelid margin (maybe it's stye but they are not painful and
    disappeared in a couple of days. Before the styes I got were always
    inside my eyelid and they were painful and my eyelid would swell. But
    these ones do not swell my eyelid at all). After doing "a lot of"
    reading about dry eyes on the Web, I started to suspect maybe I have
    "meibomian gland dysfunction" considering my history of stye and
    chalazion. But I did not see any crust in my eyelashes and the margin
    of eyelids is not red. I also started doing warm compress and clean up
    my eyelid every day. It seems after using the warm compress and eyelid
    scrubbing, my eyes would feel noticeably dryer and it would get better
    after a while. The other thing is the white part of my eyeball did
    have some more red vessels visible than before, but my eyes do not
    look red at all.
    OK, I do not know if you can make it here since it is so long. To sum
    up the symptom:
    1. If not watching TV or using a computer, my eyes does feel a tiny
    little bit dry but I normally would not notice it.
    2. If I use a computer, after staring at the screen for more than 45
    mins (especially in the afternoon), my eyes start to feel burning and
    irritated. I rest my eyes for ten mins and they do not feel irritated
    any more. But once I go back to the computer, after a while they would
    feel burning and irritated again And the comfort time working with
    computer will shorten in the afternoon. E.g., at first I can work 45
    mins without break, then it becomes 40, 30,…
    3. After warm compress and eyelid scrubbing, eyes feel dryer and it
    becomes better after a while.
    4. Small oil caps visible on the margin of my eyelid but no crust and
    scalping on my eyelid.
    5. History of styes and chalazions.
    6. Having been using proactiv to control acne for about a year (skin a
    bit dryer than before) and acne is almost gone but I am still using
    the product.

    After reading some of the discussions on the newsgroup, I am feeling
    hopeless and frustrated. It seems the dry eyes can not be cured at all
    and it would get worse. Considering the place I live (Calgary in
    Canada, a very dry place) and my job (working with computer every
    day), I do not see any future for me…
    I wonder if anyone can tell me what I can do now and what might be the
    problem for me? I heard something like "hydroeye" and other supplement
    medicine, will they help? Should I still use warm compress?

    I wonder if there is still hope. Besides, I am not wearing contacts no
    more since I still want my eyes even thought the glasses makes me look
    so bad…
    Darrian, Jun 12, 2004
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