Dry Eye: Helpful article and some questions

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by feeneyl, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. feeneyl

    feeneyl Guest

    I recently found a site called "Aging Eyes". Although some of the
    articles need be reformatted (the right side gets chopped off), I
    found one in particular to be very helpful. It discusses the various
    types of artificial tears and lubricating products.

    Here's the URL:


    Now the questions...

    This was the first article that I've found that mentions
    "hypotonicity". I know that this means that the tears are actually
    robbing moisture from the tissues that they are supposed to be
    protecting, but what is not clear is the mechanism.

    For the experts...

    Is this due to high salinity? If so, shouldn't a change in diet help?
    If one has had low salt intake for a long time (in my case since my
    twenties, about 20 years, personal choice, not medical
    recommendation), how likely is it that tears will be high in salinity?
    Would low tear production automatically increase salinity? How is
    tonicity tested?

    For dry eye sufferers...

    Has anyone out there tried products that address this (e.g.,
    HypoTears)? What were the results?

    Thanks in advance to those with the expertise/experience to respond.
    feeneyl, Nov 6, 2003
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