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Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Eugene Phar, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. Eugene Phar

    Eugene Phar Guest

    Here I am, 8 months after I posted the following messages.


    I am helpless. As of today I am still wearing my soft contacts (Focus
    night and day OD -9.5 OS -6.50 with glasses worn over them (with
    astigmatism correction of -2.00 in each eye)

    Because my doctor suspected a dry eye (and my eyes sometimes feel
    dry), I got punctual plugs inserted in my lower punctua - did not
    help. My eyes turn red - I notice it especially when I wake up and
    look into a mirror - the redness is in the eye corners close to ears
    (no redness near nose). When I get up they feel kind of sticky so I
    wash my face and then it is a little bit better.

    As I described in the post I gave you an URL to, I sometimes had small
    pimples on my eye lids - but I dont see them recently as I used lid
    scrubs (baby shampoo and q-tips) and hot comperesses. I eat flax seed
    oil- table spoon twice a day. Also didnt make any difference.

    Then I got a prescription for Restastsis and used it for 3 months -
    without any improvement.

    I used variety of rewetting drops: Refresh Endura, Refresh tears,
    Refresh liquigel and other but they also dont help.

    My eyes feel uncomfortable almost all time and wearing contacts became
    unbearable - makes a tension in my head and headaches. I am waiting
    for my glasses to see if the condition stops.

    From what I had written, do you think it is a severe dryness or some
    other condition? And how to treat this terrible thing.

    Any comments apreciated.
    Eugene Phar, Sep 7, 2004
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  2. Eugene Phar

    Eugene Phar Guest

    I am 22 years old. Had schirmer test that didn't show dryness. However
    I fell dryness in my eyes from time to time.
    And it doesn't really matter whether it is a working day or a day off.
    Eugene Phar, Sep 8, 2004
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  3. Eugene Phar

    mrpengwang Guest

    I have almost the same story as you did. Got the problem last April and
    had been wearing contacts for almost 5 years without problem. My
    prescription is even stronger than yours! contacts were my blessing
    before but now becoz of the dry eye, I have to drop it. I think you
    should STOP using them right away if you do not watn your eyes to get
    worse! I have stopped using it but unfortunately even with glasses, I
    still have dry eye problem. I have been "tortured" physically and
    psychologically by this problem for almost a year. For ppl with high
    prescription, contacts do save their lives! The glare you had at night
    was totally caused by your dry eye problem I believe. I never had the
    glare before in the past 4 years until I developed dry eye problem.
    When I occasionally wear contacts, at night sometimes I saw glare.
    Anyway, I totally understand how important the contacts are to you coz
    we are in the same situation my friend. you should definitely take them
    off if you do not want your eyes to get worse!
    Write to me if you want to share more info with me.
    mrpengwang, Jan 25, 2005
  4. Eugene Phar

    g.gatti Guest


    It is only a question of TIME. You may go on for on year, 2 3 4 5
    years, but THEN your eyes will rebel to the stupidity.

    The cure is there.

    It is obtained by rest methods, sun-gazing included.

    Now that's your last resort.

    If you were more intelligent, you wouldn't get imperfect sighted from
    the beginning.

    Now, show that you can be intelligent: discard those things and start
    the practice for the true cure.
    g.gatti, Jan 25, 2005
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