Early onset cataracts

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by WillTamiPage, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. WillTamiPage

    WillTamiPage Guest

    My wife who is only 43 years old had a cataract removed 1 year ago
    successfully and now has to have a cataract removed from the other eye. She
    also has to have a quick laser procedure on the first implanted eye for a
    clouding effect. Both cataracts were very fst developing, little over 18
    months in both instances.The only other person that we have been able to
    find who has had cataract's develop at this young of an age is her half
    brother who had a single cataract removed several years ago. He is 2-years
    old than my wife.
    She would like to converse with other people who have also had this
    experience at such a young age since the emotional and work related issues
    involved are different for a 40 something person than for a 60 or 70
    something person. In our city most seniors wait upto 2 years for their
    cataract surgery becasue of hospital budget problems while we been fortunate
    to be able to travel 200km's to a different city where she has gotten both
    operations within 1 month of her initial appointment.
    WillTamiPage, Dec 16, 2003
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  2. WillTamiPage

    Dan Abel Guest

    I had my first cataract surgery at the age of 46. I had my second at 51.
    I had the laser treatment for both, about a year after the surgery. Two
    guys in my hallway here at work had one cataract surgery at about the same
    age. In both cases they were told that the cataract was probably due to
    an eye injury. I had a retinal detachment in the first eye, which was
    probably responsible for hastening the development of cataract in that

    I belong to an HMO which is a little slow for non-emergency procedures. I
    had to wait about three months after the doctor approved surgery to
    actually get the surgery.

    Tell your wife to feel free to Email me.
    Dan Abel, Dec 16, 2003
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