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Discussion in 'Glasses' started by squareisland, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. squareisland

    squareisland Guest


    I have a question regarding a whiteness to the edges of the new lens in
    my glasses.

    I have just had the lens in my glasses replaced because the old ones
    were scratched
    so badly. This was done by my local optician who also previously sold
    me the frame
    and original lens. It is not a chain optican if that makes any
    difference. Looking at
    the new lens from the front they appear surrounded by a thin white line
    which was
    not present on the old lens. This appears to come from the channel
    scored all around
    the lens to allow for mounting in the frame. I queried this with the
    optician and he has
    polished the edges to remove the "frosty" effect a little, this
    improved the appearance
    a little, espesically looking at the lens from the side but the white
    halo frosty effect is still
    very much visible from the front. By the way, my frame is metal and the
    frame only connects
    to the top half of the lens. I'm not sure what the technical name for
    this is ? There is
    a cord thingy running around the groove in the lens to keep it in the
    frame. The optitcian
    said this was the standard way of doing this.

    My question is :- is anyone in the trade familiar with this problem and
    is it due to
    a machine fault or the type of lens or the technician. He tells me the
    machine was
    recently serviced and I know the techician/optitcian has been there
    quite a while. I
    think he may have done the orignal glasses which were fine. I'm not
    partitcularly happy
    with the new lens because of this white edge effect although they are
    perfect to look
    through which perhaps is the most important thing. Ah vanity! Am I
    stuck with this
    effect or can any one give me ammuntion to come back to them on ?

    Thanks very much for any help on this.
    squareisland, Jan 6, 2006
  2. squareisland wrote:

    I queried this with the
    did he remove the lenses to polish the edges? sounds like grinding
    powder trapped between the nylor line and the lens. have him pop them
    out and buff the edges. if still too white, have him dip them in a lens
    dye for a second or two.

    w.stacy, o.d.
    William Stacy, Jan 6, 2006
  3. squareisland

    CatmanX Guest

    If the lenses are polycarbonate, it can also be the burr inside the
    groove. It can be removed by removing the lens and running a blade or
    screwdriver tip inside the groove.

    dr grant
    CatmanX, Jan 6, 2006
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