edge reflection problem with new glasses

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by apogeemonkey, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. apogeemonkey

    apogeemonkey Guest

    I recently bought two new pairs of full-framed, anti-reflective glasses
    due to the vision in my right eye becoming slightly worse (I'm
    nearsighted, don't know my perscription offhand). The edges of only
    the right lens in both pair of glasses reflect light sharply, like a
    mirror, into my eye, rather than the light being diffused softly along
    the edges of the rim. This effect is especially noticeable and
    distracting in dark settings with light sources in view. For example,
    if I'm watching TV, I can see most of the image on the screen along the
    bottom and top edges of the right lens. This makes watching TV or
    looking at my monitor almost unbearable.

    I took the first pair back to the place I got them and they said that
    they have never heard of this before and have no idea about how to fix
    it. I then went to my optometrist and another optical store to see if
    they had any idea, but they were just as clueless. Defeated, I decided
    to simply buy another pair of glasses from the second store, but these
    also suffer from the same problem!

    Could the lens' edge polish or edge rolling cause this and why would it
    be in just the right lens? If it is the polish, should I get a new lens
    that is completely unpolished?
    apogeemonkey, Jul 24, 2006
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  2. apogeemonkey

    Mark A Guest

    You problem is most likely caused by polished edges. Take them back and
    demand a remake without the polished edges. Better yet, if your store offers
    a 30 day money back guarantee (like LensCrafters and maybe some others) take
    them back for a full refund.

    Most people who work in optical stores were selling clothing a few weeks
    ago, and they are encouraged to sell the polished edge to eek out a wee bit
    more profit out of each customer.

    Some Rx's and some lens types are more prone to reflections caused by
    polished edges, but these kinds of distinctions goes right over the head of
    most optical sales people.
    Mark A, Jul 25, 2006
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