Exotrope with rosacea and eye "feels" unfocused, soar, causes headaches

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Matt Bouchard, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. Hi...

    If anyone has an idea of whats going on I'd appreciate it. I work in
    film and my eyes are my job, so I'm concerned. I've seen two different
    docs but more info from here is good. The problem is first then
    history for those with time to read:

    The problem: About two years ago, my right eye has felt "odd" after
    just a few minutes of near focus work. By odd: it kinda feels like
    after those dialating eyedrops have been put in - but things are in
    focus, but I dont feel like its in focus and doesnt feel as "agile".
    The lids also feel "sticky" so I try "uncross" the lids by open my
    eyelids wide. It tears also, but theres not much residue. After a
    full day, my eye feels like its been punched, but left eye is perfect
    This is about the same time I experienced rosacea symptoms of
    flushing/etc; my right is a bit red, but it has been operated on
    twice. At first I thought it was a strabismus problem and got those
    prisms but they havent helped. I experience the problems even if I
    cover my left eye, which to me would imply to me its not a strabismus

    Back history: Im a 31 year old male, diagnosed with
    intermittent-exotropia(or exophoria depending on the doc). Had surgery
    when i was 2 and 16(latter one for cosmetic). I have very very limited
    stereopsis (I cant hit a baseball) but I have perriferal vision. I do
    not have a dominant eye because I can -at will- switch between my
    eyes, which often confuses doctors during the cover test.
    Cosmetically, my eyes look straight with my glasses which correct my
    myopia. Recently - two years ago - because of the problem, prisms are
    now in my glasses - I believe 1.5 diaptors each. If i remember
    correctly, my deviation is about 6-8, which isnt much. I can literally
    sit in front of a mirror and switch between eyes and see the offset
    caused by the recovery time. My eyes dont work together well, and I
    constantly flip back and forth, The prisms never did anything and the
    two images dont line up when i switch, .

    In college and then since starting work, I have spent the vast
    majority of the day sitting in front of a computer monitor. It wasnt
    really a problem until 2 years ago. (I have and have had an
    ergo-correct setup). I just had 6 weeks off and that didnt help at

    Current state: My left eye is great, but my right is the weaker one
    and the one which was operated on. I remember being able to see close
    with the un-aided right eye, but now both near and far are blurry.
    Left eye is totally normal. With glasses Im 20/20 in each though.

    Lastly, Ive always had bad hay fever, but also around same time, my
    right nostril has seemed constricted, but not completely. Weird.Ive
    read sinuses can affect the feeling in the eyes.

    Thats enough. Ill hope someone is brave enough to have read this far.
    And thanks so much if you did. I know its a lot.

    Matt Bouchard, Apr 28, 2004
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  2. Matt Bouchard

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    (Matt Bouchard) wrote in
    The combination of rosacea and stuffy nose sounds like dry eye. The
    diagnosis would depend on doing tests.

    Dr. Leukoma, Apr 28, 2004
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  3. Thanks...yes, could be dry eye. But what kind of tests could I ask to
    be done - and by whom, the derm or opthamologist?


    Matt Bouchard, Apr 30, 2004
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