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Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by otisbrown, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. otisbrown

    otisbrown Guest

    This person started out at -8 diopters.

    Currently she can pass the DMV Level test with -4.5 diopter lenses.

    Her Snellen was worse than 20/200. Currently in varies between
    20/100 to 20/50.


    Yesterday I finished Phase 5 of autogenics. I only have one more
    phase left! I am started to feel the benefits of autogenics very
    quickly now and I have also been able to use it anytime (I don’t have
    to be laying down). My legs finally got very heavy and now I can slow
    down my heartbeat and my breathing and relax my whole body. It has
    been a great tool and I’m really looking forward to the last phase. I
    start today and it lasts for two weeks. After that I will have a
    simple set of phrases to use for relaxation and I can add my own
    phrases to help with my eyesight. I’m going to incorporate ideas from
    Bates and Grunwald in developing some self-hypnotic phrases for
    helping my vision; we’ll see how it works!

    This week I have also been taking 25 minute walks almost everyday
    without my glasses on. I still get clear flashes and when I’m outside
    my vision sometimes remains clearer for long periods. On some of my
    walks I even forget I’m not wearing my glasses! I’m really getting
    used to how I see without my glasses and am happier without them than

    In yesterday’s post, I mentioned something at the very end that I
    wanted to reiterate. I am wearing glasses that are OD -5D and OS
    -4.25D (these are glasses I purchased in January, not quite the right
    fit for both eyes), but I can now see my vision clear to 20/20 when I
    wear these glasses. I’m going to order a new pair that are -5 D in
    both eyes, and possibly a pair that are -4.25 in both eyes as well.
    When I started I was wearing OD -8D and OS -7.25D! So even though my
    vision with these reduced glasses isn’t perfectly sharp all the time
    if I practice my good vision habits with my glasses on, my vision will
    become very sharp. I’m excited as I had never before been able to
    see such improvement while wearing glasses, only when I wasn’t wearing
    them. I still try to go without glasses at all times unless I need
    them, but I imagine I wear glasses approximately 8 hours per day.
    Hopefully this means I’m spending the other 8 waking hours without

    I have been doing some swings, but no palming. I also shift my vision
    whenever I can. Sometimes I forget but it’s becoming more of a
    habit. I can tell much more strongly now when I’m not practicing my
    shift, breathe, and blink because my eyes immediately become painfully
    dry and if I don’t rest them it’s unbearable.

    I’m working on another graph that I can update more frequently and
    post it on its own page so it’s easier to track my progress. I also
    plan to diligently plot my Snellen chart reading results for every day
    and have two charts; one for bright mid-day daylight conditions and
    the other for dim light conditions.
    otisbrown, Apr 26, 2008
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  2. otisbrown

    Neil Brooks Guest

    Thanks for yet another unverifiable, third-hand anecdote.

    They really do add _nothing_ to this NG.
    Neil Brooks, Apr 27, 2008
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