eyes get bloodshot while sleeping

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Paul Baumerich, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. 2 eye doctors Rxed thick-gel drops before
    going to bed and this has not cleared the
    problem. I just had a physical exam
    with complete blood screening and no
    abnormalities were found. Trobodex &
    Patanol also did not work. Has anyone
    in this newsgroup dealt with this?
    Paul Baumerich, Dec 5, 2004
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  2. If it's because your eyes don't close completely, a sleep mask (or taping
    You'd better counsel him to remove both eyes and the problem will have
    found a good solution.

    this is what you do everyday when you prescribe glasses for the
    imperfect sight.

    You throw away the eyes and substitute them with glasses.

    strange behaviour for a doctor, indeed.
    Rishi Giovanni Gatti, Dec 5, 2004
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  3. People with serious corneal conditions use Ointment at night time.
    Just need lubrication for when your eyes are open while you sleep.

    Great idea to keep your eyelids taped at night - at least for now.

    I can't see patanol working because it is for allergies.
    Tobradex includes a steroid which sometimes helps...

    You DO want to take all the steps possible to prevent corneal damage in
    the future.

    Good luck!
    laurenleigh777, Dec 9, 2004
  4. Paul Baumerich

    Evaristo Guest

    This is too much.

    Please DON'T follow this man advice.
    Are you serious ?

    I'm sure you are not.
    Evaristo, Dec 10, 2004
  5. Paul Baumerich

    Evaristo Guest


    Do 100 long swings before going to sleep and
    another 100 in the morning after awakening.
    Then sit and keep your eyes closed for 15 minutes straight.

    After several days report back here.

    PS: long swing is defined down here at no. 6.

    W. H. Bates, M. D.

    1. Glasses discarded permanently.
    2. Central Fixation is seeing best where you are looking.
    3. Favorable conditions: Light may be bright or dim. The
    distance of the print from the eyes, where seen best, also
    varies with people.
    4. Shifting: With normal sight the eyes are moving all the
    5. Swinging: When the eyes move slowly or rapidly from side to
    side, stationary objects appear to move in the opposite
    6. Long Swing: Stand with the feet about one foot apart, turn
    the body to the right-at the same time lifting the heel of the
    left foot. Do not move the head or eyes or pay any attention
    to the apparent movement of stationary objects. Now place the
    left heel on the floor, turn the body to the left, raising the
    heel of the right foot. Alternate.
    7. Drifting Swing: When practicing this swing, one pays no
    attention to the clearness of stationary objects, which appear
    to be moving. The eyes wander from point to point slowly,
    easily, or lazily, so that the stare or strain may be
    8. Variable Swing: Hold the forefinger of one hand six inches
    from the right eye and about the same distance to the right,
    look straight ahead and move the head a short distance from
    side to side. The finger appears to move.
    9. Stationary Objects Moving: By moving the head and eyes a
    short distance from side to side, being sure to blink, one can
    imagine stationary objects to be moving.
    10. Memory: Improving the memory of letters and other objects
    improves the vision for everything.
    11. Imagination: We see only what we think we see, or what we
    imagine. We can only imagine what we remember.
    12. Rest: All cases of imperfect sight are improved by closing
    the eyes and resting them.
    13. Palming : The closed eyes may be covered with the palm of
    one or both hands.
    14, Blinking: The normal eye blinks, or closes and opens very
    15. Mental Pictures: As long as one is awake one has all kinds
    of memories of mental pictures. If these pictures are
    remembered easily, perfectly, the vision is benefited.
    Evaristo, Dec 10, 2004
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