Fluidic Internal Limiting Membrane Separation (FILMS) - MP

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Raj, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Raj

    Raj Guest

    Hello there,

    I read about this procedure - FILMS, for removing the layer over the
    retina to eliminate the condition of Macula Pucker. Trials reports
    shows that this procedure is more safe and easier to perform.
    Also it appears to me that this is being only carried out in US, esp
    in Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital.

    Has any of you undergone this kind of procedure?
    Is this procedure being used by doctors in UK?
    If you wish to get a medical treatment in US, if you are NON-US
    citizen, do somebody point out me to sources where i can find the
    official procedures for starting the application process.

    Raj, Jun 22, 2007
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  2. Raj

    Ms.Brainy Guest

    True, it's not provided by the U.S. government (and nobody cares about
    your citizenship), unless you are a prisoner, on welfare, on medicare
    or some other gov program. Moreover, if you have the proper
    insurance, it will pay for necessary surgery at least in part,
    depending on the term of your insurance policy. Good luck. Bring
    Ms.Brainy, Jun 23, 2007
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  3. Raj

    Jane Guest

    Raj, it's definitely my impression that the FILMS technique is rarely
    (if ever) used outside of Alabama, where it was apparently invented.
    One poster at Yahoo's retina/vitreous support group wrote that when he
    asked the doctors about the FILMS procedure at Wills Eye Hospital
    (which has an excellent reputation), they were less than impressed by
    it. I questioned my own surgeon (at a major teaching hospital in
    Chicago) about it, and he told me that ILM peeling was only done when
    a macular hole is present. The website describing the FILMS technique
    gets a lot of hits from the big search engines. It might be a fine
    procedure, but I don't believe that the "top" American retinal
    surgeons use it.

    My advice is to get a second opinion about surgery from the best
    retinal surgeon in your area. In the US, such a doctor would probably
    be located at a major teaching hospital in a large metropolitan area.
    There are skilled and experienced retinal surgeons practicing all over
    the world. If the doctor feels that the benefits of surgery out way
    the risks in your case, I suggest that you let him/her decide which
    techniques/equipment would work best

    I'd also recommend that you check out Yahoo's retina/vitreous support
    group. Hopefully, you'd get more feedback about your specific

    Jane, Jun 23, 2007
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