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Discussion in 'Glasses' started by jo, May 24, 2006.

  1. jo

    jo Guest

    I had another eye exam today. The doc said the the rx from the old
    doctor is correct however, I seem to be seeing more clearly out of my
    old glasses. He said that the new rx is not as strong as the old rx
    and that the details w/not be as clear. He did say that my old rx is
    "technically" too strong but that if it wasn't bothering me w/headaches
    and such then there was no reason not to wear them. The new rx is just
    slightly off in the center; just not as sharp and is especially
    noticable in stores reading signs and words. Things become sharper if
    I turn my head to the right. It is more noticable in the right eye (my
    better eye).

    I called the old doc and am waiting to hear back from them. Both docs
    said pd was 60mm. Is there a pd on glasses? I thought he said 58 but
    am not sure if I understood him right. One new doc (two happened to be
    there) thought the oc was off; the other didn't seem to think this was
    so. Perhaps something in the making of the glasses was done wrong. My
    old rx is -100 -02 x 65 (I think it says 65); -125 -050 x 002. The
    stronger is my left eye. Apparently I have slight astigmatism. I don't
    have the rx for the new glasses.

    The girl at the old doc didn't give me a hard time, which I was
    expecting her to do. The old doc is suppose to call me tomorrow. I
    really don't know what to do. The new doc also said that on my new
    glasses it wasn't a crizal coating. There was a coating on it, but it
    he did not believe it was crizal. I paid for crizal. I am tempted to
    ask the old doc to just do up a single lens on my old rx. At least
    then I will be able to use the glasses and if they were off, then we
    would all know it was definitely in the making or material. If they
    refuse to try and resolve this I will have single lenses made at
    different place and pay for them myself and try to get a refund from
    the old place. I highly doubt they will give me one but I will try. I
    am still wondering if the fact that they are bifocals have anything to
    do with it.

    jo, May 24, 2006
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  2. jo

    jo Guest

    The eye doc never called me so I called the office. Seems the girl
    never told him I called. They got busy and he had to leave. He's not
    coming in till Tuesday. I asked her exactly what was he going to say
    or do. Nothing. She basically said that I need to wear my new glasses
    only (not switch back and forth from new to old - old rx is in my
    sunglasses) and then my brain and eyes will get used to them. I say,
    if I could see better out of them I wouldn't need to adjust to them.
    Will my eyes eventually get used to the new rx? Will I get used to
    things being less sharp than they are with my old glasses?

    I am probably going to have my old rx put into my new frames. This
    whole thing has cost me. Out of pocket I've paid $172 to the old doc
    (lens and crizal); 45 for new doc eye exam; 110 for new single vision
    lens (67.50 for crizal, remainder for the lens rx). When I asked the
    girl at the old doc about the crizal (new eye doc said it wasn't crizal
    because it didn't have the greenish coating like crizal - mine have a
    bluish coating) she said "oh, different labs use different colors.
    Doesn't really matter anyway I guess.

    jo, May 25, 2006
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