Fran, yes we will set-up a study for true-prevention

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Otis Brown, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. Otis Brown

    Otis Brown Guest

    Dear Fran,

    Re: Fran> Why don't you set up a study, and be willing to accept
    all the resulting data, no matter what it says?

    Subject: An engineering study to confirm effective
    PREVENTION of a negative refractive status for the
    fundamental eye.

    Otis> You say what "it" says. I am willing to accept what the
    facts tell us about the dynamic behavior of the eye.
    Properly understood and applied, these scientific facts can
    lead a pilot to successfully prevent nearsightedness --
    before he begins wearing a minus lens.

    Otis> Fran, I have already defined a study to be controlled by
    engineers and pilots to study true-prevention at a four-year
    aeronautical college. This would be a completely "open"
    study where all "cards" are on the table. This would be a
    pure scientific (not MEDICAL) study of natural eyes that
    have 20/40 to 20/50 vision, and the pilots must clear his
    vision to 20/20 (and a positive refractive status).

    Otis> I have already posted the analysis on my site. Again, the
    pilots would make ALL THE MEASUREMENTS! They would use
    their own trial-lens kit, and would post their results on
    the internet.

    Fran> You make too many excuses as to why this study cannot be

    Otis> I have made NO EXCUSES as to why a preventive study CAN NOT
    BE DONE. I am effectively prevented from conducting a
    preventive study.

    Otis> Fran -- I have volunteered to personally lead the study.
    People who have an "open mind" and want to be
    true-and-honest to help us -- could join us. And yes, I
    would trust the results (see the statistical analysis posted
    on my site).

    Otis> We could most likely reach a tentative conclusion in nine
    months, and confirmation (that the natural eye is dynamic)
    the following nine months.

    Otis> This study would involve ONLY the most motivated of pilots
    who rationally understand the facts concerning the behavior
    of the natural eye -- and could actually PROVIDE TO CORRECT
    ANSWERS to the "quiz" I posted.

    Otis> I am certain that optometrists (Dr. Steve Leung) scientists
    Dr. Francis Young, ophthalmologists (Dr. Dave Guyton)
    would have no objection to the study.

    Otis> You will find the details of this proposed study on my site:

    Just click on "Aeronautical Collage"

    to read the details of this true-preventive study

    Since other scientists (Dr. Stirling Colgate) and pilots
    (Captain Fred Deakins -- USAF) have cleared their vision to
    very-sharp 20/20, I have little doubt that highly-motivated pilots
    who have accurate scientific knowledge about the behavior of the
    natural eye could accomplish exactly the same results.

    Yes, highly motivated pilots do in fact clear their
    Distant vision from 20/50 to 20/20 in about three months.
    And yes, I would expect an ORGANIZED group of pilot-engineers
    can reproduce this obvious success - along scientific lines.

    But of course -- they can always turn this proposal down --
    and accept the -1/3 diopter per year consequences.

    But lastly, if you check my site, you will find that even a
    13 year-old child can work his way back to 20/20 -- even as we

    If a 13 year-old can figure out how to do it -- the you would
    expect that a 17 year old with intense motivation could do it --
    even better.

    But that is where we stand at this point.


    Otis Brown, Jul 16, 2004
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