FYI - Excellent Condition, Relatively Low Priced Canon Auto Keratometer & auto Refractor available

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by CaveCanis, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. CaveCanis

    CaveCanis Guest

    Just wanted to bring it to the attention of a wider (more educated/
    aware) audience on the internet. We are selling both an auto refractor
    and an auto keratometer - both are Canon units. These were purchased
    new many years ago - for a few years, they were used as primary
    diagnostic equipment, but, for many more years after, we've basically
    kept them in a back room to be used only when caseload was really
    heavy or we had equipment problems with the newer machines. Now, we're
    cycling to a newer generation (again Canon - excellent products) and
    we don't need backups for the backups, so it's time to go.
    Translation: they are in excellent condition & have been well
    maintained. Still top machines despite their age (These models are
    still consistently used in published journal studies)

    This is NOT a desperation post - we have already met our target price
    on both machines. However, even our targets are considerably lower
    than standard market value. (We wanted to be conservative, as we
    wern't sure of the online market ... apparently, it's much larger than
    we thought).

    Please check them out if you are interested.

    The auto-refractor is at:

    The auto-keratometer is at:

    * They are both listed on ebay.
    * Alternately, you can just go to ebay and search for "keratometer"
    and/or "refractor"
    * Both items have 24-36 hours remaining.

    Feel free to drop any questions in any of these threads or to our ebay
    CaveCanis, Mar 13, 2007
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