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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Charles, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. Charles

    Charles Guest

    I've been surfing around for a while, but I couldn't quite find the answers
    I'm looking for. Maybe one (or several) of you can help me out. My
    situation is that I have a very mild prescription, mostly astigmatism with a
    little nearsightedness. When I first got my glasses about 5-6 years ago,
    the doc basically said it was my choice whether I wanted to bother with them
    or not; for some reason I opted to go with the glasses.

    Every so often now, I get really sick of dealing with the glasses and get
    this idea that I'll stop wearing them and "train" my eyes back to where I
    don't need them anymore. I have this theory, which I'd like comment on,
    that before I had the glasses, my eye muscles could work overtime and
    correct for the astigmatism. Now that I've worn glasses for so long, the
    muscles have become weak and are unable to do this. Maybe if I go without
    glasses for a while, they will get stronger and I'll be back where I was.

    Does this make sense? The data I'm going off of is first of all the fact
    that when I got the glasses I could have also gone without them and things
    wouldn't have been much worse. Now though, I really notice not having my
    glasses, especially at night (mostly double vision of high contrast stuff
    like lights and signs). Also, my vision is quite acceptable in the morning,
    but by the end of the day it is worse, like my eyes are getting tired. Do I
    have any hope?

    As far as the nearsightedness, it really seems like it's caused by hours and
    hours in front of the computer. I've read things on both sides of this
    theory, but it sure seems intuitive that the eyes would adapt a little if
    they almost never looked further than 10 feet away. If nothing else they
    may lose elasticity from being prepetually focussed close in. When I go
    outside after a day staring at the screen, it seems to take a little while
    for my eyes to adapt (even with glasses), especially when trying to pick out
    small objects on the horizon. Does anyone ever get glasses to fool their
    eyes into focussing at a distance when actually looking at a book or screen?

    I'm not quite sure what to do. I've gone without my glasses so far for
    three days, and my vision is pretty good, especially in the morning and
    before dark. At night, like driving, I'm safe but it's annoying. Christmas
    tree lights are a mess from the double vision in the dark. I can't stay
    this way if this is as good as it'll get. I can go back to my glasses which
    I've never been totally comfortable in (my eyes always seem to be fighting
    each other just a little, if that makes sense), but that would stink because
    it feels like I'm falling back on a crutch and possibly making things worse.

    I've never tried contacts, which I'm going to consider if nothing else. Is
    there any reason why the state of the art soft contacts can't work with

    Also, any opinions on the nightime shaping contacts? My doc had a pamphlet
    for "Paragon CRT", but I haven't talked to her about it yet.

    Here's a prescription I have laying around, it's old but nothing's changed

    Shere Cylinder Axis
    0 -0.75 177
    0.25 -1.00 005

    Thanks for any advice!
    Charles, Dec 25, 2003
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  2. Charles

    Otis Brown Guest

    Dear Charles,

    Pilots have worked their way out of that
    level of nearsighedness. It is not easy
    and it depends on the motivation of the
    person who is interested in clearing his
    vision to meet the Snellen-DMV standard.

    If you wish, read my site:


    No I do not sell ANYTHING.

    Enjoy the site, it is there for
    your enjoyment and curiosity.


    Otis Brown, Dec 26, 2003
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  3. Charles

    Charles Guest

    Thanks MT.

    I had my yearly checkup yesterday and here's my new prescription.

    Sph Cyl Ax
    0.25 -1.25 178
    0.75 -1.25 010

    She seemed to think this prescription was "less" than my other, but to me it
    seems worse (just judging by the size of the numbers). If I understand
    correctly, I have an overall farsightedness, but am nearsighted in one axis
    on account of the astigmatism? On my right eye especially, is it like I'm
    farsighted in one axis (vertically) and nearsighted in the other? Or am I
    interpreting it incorrectly? How do I interpret the axis part, or more
    specifically, what is the difference between 0 and 180? Is a 1.00 at 0 the
    same as -1.00 at 180?

    I decided to give contacts a shot. I was willing to pay the extra cash for
    the convenience of daily-wear dsiposables, but was told that they are only
    available for people with certain exact cases of astigmatism. At first she
    thought I fit this because my axis was right, but the spherical part must
    have thrown it off. Any idea if they are working on disposables for more
    general prescriptions?
    Charles, Dec 27, 2003
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