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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Zetsu, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Zetsu

    Zetsu Guest


    I have always wondered about something for a very long time. I know
    that people have been enabled, with the current technologies, to
    extract the genetic makeup from one type of animal and then to
    reproduce that makeup and create a clone of that characteristic. So I
    was wondering, what would happen if you were to get the genes from the
    perfect eye, and then to insert the gene inside the imperfect eye, and
    then would the imperfect eye become normal because then it would have
    the instructions for how to become a perfect eye. I mean, the
    instructions for the perfect eye would be inside the genetic makeup.
    So then, your mind will automatically start commanding the eye to
    become normal again. Is it a good idea, because I have always wondered
    about it for a very long time indeed. Certainly, it may be a dubious
    prospect for the current technology, but I am conceiving that at some
    time in the future such a phenomenon will become a reality. And
    without doubt, such a method would at first be highly quesitonable in
    terms of ethics. I would hypothesize that there would be many people
    who may at first object to the idea, like they did with the 'Dolly the
    sheep' clone. I think this sounds extremely cool and futuristic, not
    to mention safe, achievable, and affordable. Imagine the immense
    amount of money the optometric eyecare business might save, by simply
    making a few clones here and there. At first it may well be somewhat
    tedious, not to mention bizarre; but as in all well thought out
    technologies, it will soon progress to become a brilliant reality. I
    wonder, if we would then be able to take matters onto the next level;
    I speak now of a bionic eye, something with so good vision that you
    could use it in tests to cheat, or you could spy on someone in Russia
    all the way from Finland. Wouldn't that just be so wicked! (In both
    senses of the word, Ha). Or imagine if we could then begin to modify
    the gene of perfect sight and 'mess around' with it a bit and give it
    X-Ray vision. What incredible consequences such a reality would hold,
    is beyond anything. Who would need T.V. to watch live football matches
    anymore. If you concieve of a bionic eye which has both X-Ray vision
    and was able to see in the super far distance. I am speaking of acuity
    levels of say, 100/1. The ablility to see at 100 metres what the
    normal eye would have to stand at 1 metre in order to distinguish. One
    would be able to see through the football stadium and simply enjoy the
    game, from the safety of his home! My imagination becomes wild at the
    thought. Anyway, I just couldn't hold back this idea any longer and
    had to get it out and see what my peers in will make of

    Zetsu, Aug 21, 2007
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  2. Zetsu

    Ms.Brainy Guest

    <ETC. ETC.>

    The only value of such futuristic x-ray bionic eye that I can see
    right now is that we finally will be able to determine whether you are
    a boy or a girl... :)

    Not that it's that important, really.
    Ms.Brainy, Aug 21, 2007
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