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Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by Kimi, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Kimi

    Kimi Guest


    Today I had an eye exam to get contacts for the first time. I believe
    my contact lens power is -2.25 for each eye. Is that really terrible? I
    think the box they got out for me said "Trial Lenses Acuvue 2." Does
    this mean they are going to prescribe me Acuvue 2? I was hoping for
    daily lenses.

    Also, they wanted to go home so they didn't train me and I came home
    without lenses. I have to go back tomorrow. How long will the training
    take? They put the lenses in me (they got the one eye in on the third
    try and the second eye on the first try...I was happy about that) and
    then they took them out. I did have 1-2 minutes to try to take them
    out, I couldn't, and they wanted to leave. Do you think I'll get the
    hang of it tomorrow?

    Thanks for the help,
    Kimi, Jul 11, 2003
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  2. Kimi

    Dr Judy Guest

    Your myopia is mild to moderate, not very bad. If you want daily
    disposables, you should tell the fitter; I sure they will be happy to fit
    those instead of Acuvue II.
    Length of training appointment and whether one is enough depends upon you.
    In our office, we do not let patients take lenses home until they
    sucessfully insert and remove them three times. Some people do that in 5
    minutes, others take 5 sessions.

    Dr Judy
    Dr Judy, Jul 12, 2003
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