glasses intermittently make vision blurrier -- why?

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by shoemakerted, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. shoemakerted

    shoemakerted Guest

    My daughter has infrequently said that her glasses make her see
    worse. That complaint has applied to both new and old prescriptions.

    This isn't every time, of course. Usually her glasses do what they're
    supposed to do.

    (When she makes this complaint, we first check to make sure her lenses
    aren't gunky with fingerprints or something.)

    I'm wondering what's going on here.

    The person in question is 17 years old, and more than intelligent
    enough to know what she's talking about.

    Maybe she's imagining it. Or maybe her eyes change form time to time,
    depending on her nutrition level. If I ask an ophthalmologist,
    they'll probably say that I'm crazy and these things don't happen.
    Maybe they're right.

    But I'm thinking that there's more going on than refraction and
    immutable eyeball eccentricity. There's more to the eye than, um,
    meets the eye. For example, blood sugar levels?

    Is there any hint of science that might substantiate my wild
    speculation? If not, what do you think is happening? I'm not trying
    to push some alternative medicine. I'm looking for answers.

    All serious replies will be appreciated.

    Ted Shoemaker

    Procrastinate -- tomorrow.
    shoemakerted, Sep 11, 2007
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  2. shoemakerted

    Neil Brooks Guest

    I'm not an eye doctor, so I'll look to others for additional answers,
    but ... the accommodative mechanism -- that cool and complex bit that
    allows (most of) us to change our focus from distance to near and back
    -- can get a bit of a mind of its own, changing focus like an auto-
    focus camera pointed toward a sky. That's an "accommodative function"
    issue. There are also "binocular function" issues (the teaming of the
    two eyes for stereo vision) that can cause fluctuating focus.

    Blood sugar IS another factor, incidentally.

    Do you have your daughter's eyeglass prescription, by chance?? If
    she's a simply myope (nearsighted), she may want to eschew her
    eyeglasses for near-vision tasks.

    Knowing her Rx, though, and if there are any specifics that seem to
    correlate with this fluctuation (time of day, activities before,
    during, or after, etc.), they'd be helpful.

    Also, if you have access to her last "cycloplegic" or "dilated" or
    "wet" refraction (prescription), that would help, too -- giving folks
    an idea of whether or not she has more or less "accommodative tone" in
    her ciliary muscles than might otherwise be expected....

    Neil Brooks, Sep 11, 2007
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  3. shoemakerted

    Zetsu Guest

    Yes eyesight is always fluctuating, she is not unusual case it is
    You will not receive intelligent answer from the ODs they will try and
    confuse you with accommodative this and that but the cause of her
    problem is just a disrupt of the mind, it will be fixed if she learn
    to rest the mind and quell the disruption of strain.

    Your daughter is a very intelligent person and not imagining anything.
    Yes the eyeglasses are useless and hurt her eyes as she has used her
    intelligent observations to see this and what you must do is discard
    the glasses and throw them away or smash them and not never put them
    on ever again. Then you should begin the rest methods to restore her
    beautiful and perfect sight.

    Tell your daughter to contact me on MSN I will chat to her and show
    her how you do it. It's really easy peasy lemon squeezy! Also she will
    be a good friend of me because we are nearly the same age.
    Zetsu, Sep 11, 2007
  4. shoemakerted

    Zetsu Guest

    Um yes you are absolutely 100% right because the eye is far more than
    what just meets the eye because behind the eye is its master,
    controller, I am talking about the MIND! But the people here will
    ignore the mind so just ignore them they are very silly don't know
    anything about vision they just use complicated terms and definitions
    to try and impress you and catch your attention but dont get deceived
    by them otherwise your daughter will never get better and will have to
    suffer from the very bad and evil eyeglasses.
    Zetsu, Sep 11, 2007
  5. shoemakerted

    Zetsu Guest

    Yes there is plenty of science to back up the fact that there is far
    more to the eye than what we know about for example people still so
    dumb and silly they dont even know what causes myopia yet! But there
    was a very intelligent and clever doctor who went by the name of
    'Dr.Bates' and he found out the truth and how to cure people. Your
    speculation are not wild, no not wild at all actually it is a very
    intelligent and common sense speculation. But dont get distracted or
    twisted by the bad words of Neil Brooks. He is very bad man doesnt
    like people to get cured by the rest methods so dont listen to him.

    What is happening is that there is a mind strain interference and the
    glasses are confusing the mind because the mind is trying to send a
    message to the body 'help me please get rid of this strain for me
    because it hurts so much' but the glasses palliate that message which
    is very bad and very harmful to the mind balance it shakes the entire
    mind out of its normal balance and makes you resent the glasses
    because underneath you know they are doing something bad to you and
    the instinct tells you to take them off but the eye doctors convince
    you against the primary instinct they give you very bad glasses.

    Please whatever you do just dont force your poor daughter to wear
    those bad bad glasses, oh I would be so sad for her if she had to
    suffer under their wicked influences.

    Mind well that I is not promoting any alternative quackery here; I am
    just telling you that the daughter of you should begin the rest
    methods which are something of common sense and completely scientific
    as well just because science cannot explain what happens at this
    moment in time doesnt shake the fact that you can get cured easy
    peasy. You would do very well also to tell your daughter to do the
    following stuffs:

    1. Take off the glasses and dont wear them

    2. Read this book:

    3. Come on MSN and tell me if she doesnt understand any parts of the
    book because it uses quite old language it is hard to understand if
    you are not used to reading his language style. But it is a very very
    wise book full of great knowledge of the cure of imperfect sight.

    4. Begin the rest methods and cure herself.

    Okay I hope you take my advice and not the bad and corrupt advice of
    the other people here who hate me and hate truth and also are addicted
    to the bad eyeglasses.
    Zetsu, Sep 11, 2007
  6. shoemakerted

    Zetsu Guest

    The real and true answers is you will all find in this book very good
    book very nice:

    Read it and understand it well and you will gain incredible vast
    knowledge into the secrets of the mind and the mindeye relation and
    how to cure your daughter through the rest methods.
    Zetsu, Sep 11, 2007
  7. shoemakerted

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    This is your third post to yourself. In another message, you stated
    that your purpose here was to learn. In your profile, it shows that
    you posted 234 times in June, 119 times in July, 221 times in August,
    and already 123 times this month.

    I don't observe much learning going on within you, just lots of
    Dr. Leukoma, Sep 11, 2007
  8. shoemakerted

    Zetsu Guest


    Okay this is going to sound strange to you but I learn in a very weird
    way I mean the more I talk to other people the more I learn I know it
    must sound really wierd and stupid and unusual but I have a very
    strange way to learn yes the more I talk the more I learn because you
    know they have that saying that 'the person who learns most is the
    teacher' well yes I guess you could say I am like that if I explain
    something to someone then I learn better than if I just read about it
    okay but I really hope you understand I know its hard to explain but
    thats the truth. I know I post a lot and it doesnt even look like I is
    trying to learn but I promise really really its true the more I post
    the more I learn please I hope you understand but do you know what I
    mean though.
    Zetsu, Sep 11, 2007
  9. shoemakerted

    Neil Brooks Guest

    X-No-Archive: Yes
    It sounds like you're simply NOT a critical thinker.

    Gee ... what a shock.
    Neil Brooks, Sep 11, 2007
  10. shoemakerted

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    Well, for one thing, you could have condensed that paragraph into one
    or two sentences. And, for another thing, you spend most of your time
    telling people are older and wiser than you how silly and stupid they
    are, so maybe this isn't the right place for you to learn anything.
    Also, I noticed that when you have attempted to teach something about
    Bates, etc., nobody seems to be listening. The only people who listen
    are already part of your "clan."
    Dr. Leukoma, Sep 11, 2007
  11. shoemakerted

    Zetsu Guest

    Well you see well what I am trying to do is to improve my typing speed
    as well I know its kind of silly but I really want to get really fast
    like the people on the typewriters who can do it really fast so thats
    why I want to write as much as possible so then my mind can remember
    the patterns of words that I type and I will become so fast that I
    will be like a robot okay if you know what I mean I know its really
    silly but well I think I am getting really super fast the more I

    Anyhow I am good in my heart but when I call people stupid its only
    because they said it first so its okay because well even if they didnt
    say it openly 'you are stupid' I can tell if you are implying it so
    you better not otherwise I can tell when you are being sarcastic. My
    English is getting really good so you better watch out because I know
    lots of good insults up my sleeve my friends taught me.
    Zetsu, Sep 11, 2007
  12. shoemakerted

    Dr Judy Guest

    It likey not her glasses making her vision blurry but that her vision
    is blurry. There are a number of possiblities: dry eye, allergies,
    accommodative spasm, migraine. High blood sugar can do it but
    levels need ot be very high.

    Her eye doctor will not think you or she are crazy. Return with a
    description of the problem, it will help if she keeps a diary and
    notes when it occurs, whether distance or near or both blurred, how
    the eyes felt, what she was doing, any headache or other symptoms.

    Dr Judy
    Dr Judy, Sep 11, 2007
  13. shoemakerted

    Ms.Brainy Guest

    Ted, You might have noticed that a tragically disturbed person, who
    currently calls himself "zetsu" (but with a blink of an eye may change
    his/her identity) is suffering from an incurable infliction called
    'diarrhea of the fingertips'. Unfortunately, this is just one of the
    serious mental disorders he is suffering from.

    But there are competent people on this newsgroup who may give you
    valuable advice, just wait for them and ignore the jerks. Meanwhile,
    it probably will be helpful if you provide your daughter's
    Ms.Brainy, Sep 11, 2007
  14. shoemakerted

    Neil Brooks Guest

    X-No-Archive: Yes

    I personally think you'll do FAR more damage by your advice then you
    will by your insults.

    Neil Brooks, Sep 11, 2007
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