Heat Compress Project (for chalazia\styes)

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by blepharitis sufferer, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. I have started a project to come up with a home-made heat compress
    device <a
    I do recall reading someone here has built something like this, but I
    have not been able to find the post again. If you have any ideas please
    reply here or at the link above.. thanks.

    Here is a copy of the top post of the thread:

    Heat Compress Device Project

    The purpose of this project is to come up with a homemade device to aid
    in heat compresses for chalazia and styes, with the idea being that the
    plethora of methods of applying heat compresses are all troublesome and
    impractical. Here are the most widely used compress methods circulated:

    1.) Heat compresses with a cloth soaked in hot water from a
    2.) Heat compresses with hot objects such as hot tea bags, potatoes, a
    coffee cup against the eyelid, etc.
    3.) Applying hot steam with hot water or with the use of a steam
    inhaler\face steamer.

    With the heat being strong and constant, the 3rd method seems to be the
    most effective in causing chalazia to drain, however steaming methods
    will eventually result in extreme skin dryness, cracking, possible
    bleeding, and may turn your skin leathery, effectually aggravating the

    The other methods are not so hard on the eyes, but are a hassle to deal
    with. If a device existed that eliminated the need for the above,
    things would become much easier. Basically all that is needed is a
    continuous heat source and surely there is something that could be
    homemade or possibly there is something even already existing. If you
    are aware of anything or have any ideas please reply. This top thread
    will be updated as any progress is made.
    blepharitis sufferer, Jul 17, 2006
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