HELP! Eye Exercises for Stoke Patients???

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Mr Brownstone, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Hi, my father recently suffered a pretty bad stoke and has suffered some
    vision impairment due to this. I've read on the net that vision will
    eventually return 100% once the right or left side of the brain relearns how
    to see properly again. So now I need help in finding vision exersises that
    will hasten this process. My father is getting frustrated as he was an avid
    reader and anything that would speed the healing process would be
    appreciated. I'm looking for any web pages that help with vision impairment.
    I'm not looking for books or courses but something I can download or print
    immediatly. Alternatively if you are someone or know of someone who has gone
    thru vision recovery after suffering a stroke please email me or leave
    contact details on this post. Thanks for your time and I hope you can help.
    yours Adrien Brooke
    (Mr Brownstone)
    Mr Brownstone, Nov 19, 2003
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  2. Mr Brownstone

    Dr Judy Guest

    Where on the web did you read this? You will need to check with your
    father's doctors as to what kind of vision impairment he has suffered. If
    it is a field loss, it is highly unlikely that
    it will return. He will need the assistance of rehab therapist to learn to
    use his remaining vision and to learn to minimize the effects of field loss.

    So now I need help in finding vision exersises that
    There are many different ways that stroke can affect reading. Field loss
    makes it difficult to find and keep one's place. Language loss makes it
    difficult to identify words or remember their meaning. Memory loss makes it
    difficult to follow a story or train of thought. The nature of the loss
    determines the nature of the therapy.

    Has your father had a rehab assesssment including field test, speech and
    language assessment and occupational therapist assessment? I admire your
    wanting to help him, but he needs professional assessment and
    rehabilitation. Ask his doctors and therapists if there is anything
    specific you can do for him now. Therapy depends entirely upon the nature
    of his impairment, there is no generic answer.

    If he is finding reading impossible now, arrange for other family members or
    friends to read local newspapers and magazines to him and explore whether
    your local library has books on tape for him to use by himself. This will
    tide him over until he recovers or therapy starts.

    If you think he would benefit from a support group, contact your local
    foundation for the blind, they usually have groups that meet monthly.

    Dr judy

    I'm looking for any web pages that help with vision impairment.
    Dr Judy, Nov 20, 2003
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