Help me find a clinic to correct Detached Retina

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by topwebchoice, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. topwebchoice

    Dan Abel Guest

    Because, based on what you have posted, you have an emergency. That's
    what they do. That's why they call it an "ER".
    Dan Abel, Mar 20, 2006
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  2. topwebchoice

    Charles Guest

    Would they do emergencty surgery if someone went to the ER and had a
    detached retina or would they just tell you to see a retina specialist?
    I suspect the latter.

    I have to go along with William Stacey description of this as bizarre.
    I am somewhat dubious of the persons story as told because of their
    initial post about old fashioned surgery and gas bubble. From that post
    it sounds like they had been to the clinic.
    Charles, Mar 20, 2006
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  3. topwebchoice

    Quick Guest

    You didn't make it clear that they could do more than just
    diagnose it. They have eye docs at every hospital. They
    can admit you and operate or whatever as soon as indicated.
    I get the impression that the OP thinks they would simply
    diagnose and tell him to go home and make an appointment
    with a specialist (which is what they would do if it's not
    immediately threatening).

    Quick, Mar 20, 2006
  4. topwebchoice

    Dan Abel Guest

    No. The ER is always in a hospital, in my experience. That's where
    they do surgery. I went to the ER for what I thought was a detached
    retina last July. I saw a couple of nurses and then a doctor who had no
    clue. He used a slit dingus but didn't dilate my eyes. He said he'd
    call the eye doctor on call and see what he said. A couple of minutes
    later the nurse came in to dilate my eyes, and said the eye doctor was
    on his way. The eye doctor diagnosed a detached retina and called the
    retinal specialist. I had gone in after dinner, and was in the OR by
    Dan Abel, Mar 20, 2006
  5. topwebchoice

    topwebchoice Guest

    What's so bizarre?

    Not sure if you read my recent post above.

    I have indeed been to an MD/ophthalmologist (now two weeks ago) who
    indeed did see the detached retina himself. I had the impression it was
    urgent but Retina Northwest (the 'retina specialists') must do some
    sort of 'preop' consult (if I understand them correctly) before
    scheduling surgery. That appt. was some time in the future (as set by
    Retina Northwest) - so I had time (I felt) to consider my options
    (other clinics).

    The only thing bizarre to me is I'm getting conflicting information. On
    the one hand, the ophthalmologist suggested it was urgent yet Retina
    Northwest clearly does not agree (or does not have adquate staff to
    schedule an appt. sooner.) People here seem to feel this must be done

    Which must I believe, the 'retina specialists' (Retina Northwest) or

    Are there any retina specialists online here who can clarify for me
    exactly where the truth lies?
    topwebchoice, Mar 20, 2006
  6. topwebchoice

    Charles Guest

    That is pretty swift. Sounds like a good hospital.
    Charles, Mar 21, 2006
  7. The urgency depends on whether the macula is on, threatened, or off. If it
    is a small inferior detachment, it can stay OK for a "relatively" long time.
    If it is superior, it will come off faster. If the macula is threatened,
    that is most urgent (<1 day). If the macula is already off, it it not
    urgent; the damage is already done, and can wait a week or so for repair.

    It all depends on the exam particulars, which you do not have.
    Unfortunately, it can also depnd on the adequacy of the staff, as you
    mentioned above.
    David Robins, MD, Mar 21, 2006
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