High index/Aspheric causing narrow sharp field of vision?

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by David Nilsson, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I got my new glasses two weeks ago and I have a some problems with

    The glasses and my prescription are:
    Silhouette Titan Minimal
    Essilor Stylis, index 1.67, aspheric.
    Left: -4.25, 0.0 astigmatism
    Right: -4.25, 0.25 astigmatism

    I get a VERY narrow sharp field of vision, I estimate about 15 degrees
    to the left and 15 degrees to the right, total 30 degrees when I check
    with one eye open.
    About the same when I tilt my head up and down, where I also have to
    tilt it up a bit to be able to see sharp straight ahead.

    I have had headaches every day since I first got the glasses, perhaps
    more on the left side of my head.

    No fitting was done before ordering and no pupillar measurements were

    Because I hade done some reading in this forum I specifically asked
    for the edges not to be polished, but they were polished when I got
    them. This is very annoying since the reflections are very disturbing
    especially on a bright day when I frequently get blinded by the
    reflections off the bottom of the lenses.

    My old glasses had glass lenses of high index (I don't know exactly
    what index) and I experienced quite obvious chromatic abberation with
    them periferally, but they gave me a wider sharp field of vision.
    The new lenses have less chromatic abberation but a much narrower
    sharp field of vision, it's kind of hard to tell about the chromatic
    abberation since it is quite blurry instead.

    The first time I went back and complained my optician just told me to
    wear them for two weeks and come back if it didn't feel better.
    Today when I went to see her she almost immediately offered to take
    the glasses back and have them refitted with non-aspherical lenses of
    the same brand and material.

    The problem I have is that after reading some topics in this forum I
    am not quite convinced that it will help me by just getting
    non-asperical lenses.

    Would it be better to use lenses of some other index and material?
    And should I get the edges polished or not? Maybe have AR coating put
    on them, can that be done on Essilor Stylis lenses?
    I am quite sensitive when it comes to vision but I don't want my
    glasses to be too thick.

    David Nilsson, Oct 21, 2003
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  2. David Nilsson

    LarryDoc Guest

    I almost stopped reading your post right here. That alone is enough to
    bring them back and make a quick exit.
    Seems like the optician doesn't have it together. Let's see how many
    more mistakes can be made for one order........
    Did she recommend Tylenol and Valium, too?
    Nice to see that you learn stuff here!
    AR is not the answer. I'd suggest using a lower high index lens that
    has a decent Abbe value, keeping the lens thinner and lighter and
    providing better optics. At a different optician who first fits the
    frame, measures your PD, sets the vertical optical center height and
    communicates clearly with you. I dont have my lens reference guide in
    front of me, so I can't offer you specific brands/designs. Perhaps one
    the forums knowledgable opticians will reply to your posts.

    Sorry for initially sounding flippant, but it bothers me when someone
    with justified complaints is dismissed out of hand like that.


    Dr. Larry Bickford, O.D.
    Family Practice Eye Health & Vision Care

    The Eyecare Connection
    larrydoc at m a c.c o m
    LarryDoc, Oct 21, 2003
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  3. David Nilsson

    Dan Abel Guest

    In my limited personal experience, I'm a big fan of the week or two
    thing. I first got glasses in the fourth grade, and I remember it took a
    few days to get used to them. Back in those days, small lenses were
    popular. I wore that style of glasses for decades. When my eyes
    stabilized, I wore the same pair of glasses for many years. Back when big
    lenses were the style, I tried wearing a pair. I just couldn't get used
    to them. I tried for about two weeks, off and on, and it always felt so
    good to put my old glasses back on that I just gave up on the new ones. A
    couple of years later, I got some new glasses, much bigger than my old
    ones, but much smaller than the ones that didn't work. After a few weeks,
    I though I'd try on the glasses that didn't work and see how they felt.
    They worked fine! My theory is that my brain just couldn't get used to
    the difference between the small lenses and the big ones (and they were
    rectangular, which made the corners pretty thick), but could get used to
    them if I could transition from small to medium to large.
    Dan Abel, Oct 22, 2003
  4. I can't tolerate aspheric lenses -- the edges are unbearably blurry. It
    was as simple as that for me, and I'm both very myopic and very exacting
    about my vision. I'm doing fine with Hoya 1.71 index. They were
    much thinner than Vizio 1.66 atorics in the same frame and prescription,
    and most importantly I can SEE out of them. Very careful measurements
    were taken before the lenses were made; those same measurements were
    used to make the replacement lenses. Night and day.

    By the way, I get a slight edge roll but NOT a polish, and I like the
    result. I don't think it adds much to the 'coke bottle effect' at all,
    and the edges aren't shiny so they don't distract me OR call attention
    to their thickness. YMMV depending on the frames and lenses and
    prescription and phase of the moon.
    Judith Trummer, Oct 24, 2003
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