High index lens materials available for -21.5?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Johnny Hallman, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. I recently purchased some new glasses after too many years with crown
    glass lenses at -21.5. We tried Vision Ease 1.8 index glass, but we went
    with -20 as we were told that was the limit. It's just not quite enough
    correction, however, and we are getting together next week to decide
    what to try next. Besides, the chromatic problems are just awful. I'm
    not sure what the abbe number is, and I know any high index material
    will have issues, but I would rather not deal with this much if at all

    I have found quite a few other materials, both glass and plastic, but
    it's difficult to tell whether they will work with my prescription. Is
    there any resource out there that includes the levels of diopters a
    material is available in?

    I've chosen frames that give me the smallest lens I can get away with,
    but would still like the additional help that a higher index would give

    Johnny Hallman, Jan 25, 2004
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  2. Johnny Hallman

    Neil_Brooks Guest

    Have you looked into wearing a combination of contacts and glasses
    simultaneously? This is how I get around a combination of high
    hyperopia and moderate to high astigmatism. In fact, I have separate
    'over Rx' glasses for near work and for distance vision. The
    combination actually seems to induce less optical aberration than full
    Rx glasses do.

    Good luck!

    Neil_Brooks, Jan 26, 2004
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  3. Robert,
    Thanks for the ideas with respect to the lenses. Reading over my post
    again I see it as a little misleading. I have worn contacts for about 30
    years as I get much better acuity and can drive with contacts
    (barely....) The glasses are pretty much exclusively for around the
    house as I just have an easier time with near vision with the glasses.
    Contacts have always been a necessary evil; I can tolerate them when
    needed, but just have to get them out when I get home. I'm looking for
    the new glasses mainly to get some weight off my nose as the current
    frames allow much smaller lenses than when I bought my preent pair. I
    know the density of the high index glass is higher, but they are still
    quite a bit lighter than what I have.

    I looked at CLE but ended up deciding to wait. Benefits would be great,
    but I'm not at all comfortable with the level of retinal detachment
    risk. The studies I've seen show a RD rate up to 8% overall and probably
    higher for people with my axial length of 33 or 34 mm. I'll wait until
    cataracts give me no choice...
    Johnny Hallman, Jan 28, 2004
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