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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Keith Morris, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Keith Morris

    Keith Morris Guest

    I'm severely myopic and am starting the (not so simple) proces of getting
    replacement glasses. I wear contacts most of he time with (finally) good
    success (that's another story containd in these annals). I need some advice
    on material, refractive index, and ABBE #

    My presciption is:

    OD -15.00 CYL -1.25 x 45
    OS -14.50 CYL -1.00 x 135

    Add +1.75

    I'm wearing spheric Focus monthly -12.5 D contacts and the astigmatism
    doesn't seem to bother me, but if I get glasses I might as well get the
    proper correction.

    What's the best material to use for the best comsmetics? I know the smaller
    the frame the better, but the range of lens materials and trade-offs seems
    daunting. And please don't tell me to consult a qualified
    optometrist/ophthamologist -- I AM. And after the third one I'm finally
    getting some sound advice, at least with the contacts. I've found that all
    doctors are not created equal. Two previous ones had given up on my contact
    situation but the third solved it! A lesson in persistence. Patients in
    our unique situations have to ask the right questions and steer the
    diagnosis in some cases, Modern doctors don't have the ime to think of all
    he angles in complicated cases.

    Back to the glasses: I'm thinking about getting a pair for reading,
    computer, and close household work, like building and repairing things. The
    contacts handle long distance and even computer fine. I've rejected the
    "triple" progressive lens since I'll be getting smaller lenses and have only
    heard complaints about these. Maybe a double progressive "reading and
    computer" progressive will work.

    Any comment?

    Keith Morris, Aug 2, 2004
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  2. Keith Morris

    Keith Morris Guest

    I already have some glasses that are very similar in prescription and 12
    years old (and old technology). I'm used to them although they aren't
    perfect. I want the new ones for the latest prescription and cosmetic
    Keith Morris, Aug 2, 2004
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  3. Keith Morris

    Keith Morris Guest

    Keith Morris, Aug 3, 2004
  4. Keith Morris

    Vile Guest

    Could I ask what is the background for your myopia? When did you get
    minus lenses? How long have you been wearing glasses/contacts?
    Vile, Aug 4, 2004
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