How do you put in toric lenses?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by deetee, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. deetee

    deetee Guest

    Hi all,

    I've been trying for the past half hour to get a Sunsoft Toric 15.0
    lens into my left eye. I've been wearing various daily wear spherical
    soft lenses for about 20 years, and usually can put in a contact lens
    with my eyes closed (well, you know). But this toric lens is something

    Due to the weight imbalance, it's very heavy, and it's much thicker and
    larger than a regular contact. I was aware of some of these things
    before I received the lens, but now it's impossible to get in. It keeps
    slipping off my finger and into the sink. I've tried crawling it up my
    cheek to get it into my eye, dropping it into my eye from above, using
    the "wrong" hand to put it in. If it makes any difference, the
    prescription is:

    SPH -3.25
    CYL -.75
    AXIS 160

    (My old spherical prescription for this eye was -3.75, but now it's too
    blurry to ignore, headaches, etc.)

    Any tips anyone can offer about how to get this thing in my eye? Then I
    can enjoy all the problems all the rest of you toric wearers have had,
    what with spending your entire life savings trying to find a toric lens
    that doesn't hurt, fall out unexpectedly, or fail to correct the

    Thanks for any advice!

    deetee, Aug 11, 2005
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  2. deetee

    deetee Guest

    Update: I found a way to get them in--smush the lens upward into your
    eye. I'm so used to contact lenses fairly leaping into your eye that I
    didn't know there'd be so much finger-to-eyeball contact with these.
    But they're in, for now. I do have another question, but will post it
    deetee, Aug 11, 2005
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  3. deetee

    Quick Guest

    Would one of those inserter/extractors work? I have
    fat fingers and had real problems with the Acuvues.
    SoftSert2 works really well for me. Holds the lens
    well and the cup is oblong so it "tacos" the lens
    a bit which results in not having to spread your
    eye lids so far apart. (or are these rigid?)

    Quick, Aug 11, 2005
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