How to identify contact lens brand?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by dadoph, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. dadoph

    dadoph Guest

    I have a somewhat unusual question. For the past year or so I've used
    ProClear Toric lenses with pretty good results. While distance vision
    is outstanding, near vision is negatively impacted, requiring reading
    glasses. In fact, removing the contacts significantly improved my
    near vision.

    I told my optometrist this and she game me a different lens to use in
    my right eye. It is a different brand altogether and may be a
    different prescription. This greatly improved my near vision and
    eliminated the need for reading glasses. Unfortunately she apparently
    forgot to properly note what brand and specs she gave me. The trial
    lens needs to be replaced but we can't figure out what kind of lens it
    is. I've tried several other lenses trying to figure out which kind
    it is but no luck so far.

    So, my question is this, is there a way to identify a lens brand and
    prescription? The trial lens has a lighter tint than the ProClear
    Toric. It also had three edge marks. One large and two smaller, kind
    of like this |ll . There are no other markings on the lens that I
    can see.

    dadoph, Mar 1, 2009
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