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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by TheWarman, Dec 23, 2003.

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    Having a support group for people with ocular melanosis seems a bit
    far fetched if you happen to be fortunate not to have it. But for
    people with the condition, they may find little information on the
    subject. This is why I'm posting to this Forum.

    I've seen a few people concerned about their children who have the
    stains on the eye - putting it bluntly were very concerned - and yet
    even their professional caretaker couldn't convey enough information
    on the subject to ease their concerns.

    So what does a person with ocular melanosis suffer?
    1. Social aspects: having visible stain on the eye, which people most
    often comment as wierd or a deformity
    2. Medical aspects: periodical checkups to monitor the benign state
    for a worse state (malignant melanomas - probably very rare)

    I'm not a professional nor a doctor, but I have aquaintances with the
    condition. I've become unhappy with the way society has labled them.
    I've seen grocery checkers, automotive center managers, waitresses...
    everyday people say shit like "WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR EYE?".. then
    immediatley say..."OH THAT'S WEIRD"

    After several years of these comments, it'll give a person a complex.
    How about a little support for these people? Yes indeed!
    TheWarman, Dec 23, 2003
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