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    This message is or should be legitimately cross posted to and rec.arts.comics.dc.universe

    So please make sure that all responses are, likewise, cross posted
    both to and rec.arts.comics.dc.universe

    I am endeavoring to resolve some classic comix bad science with a
    handy real science explanation.

    However I seem to be experiencing difficulty getting my point across
    on rec.arts.comics.dc.universe

    So I am now appealing for help and clarification on


    Perceived color correlates not to light wavelength, but to ratio of
    wavelengths. Even different wavelengths in similar ratios can be
    perceived as similar color. And the perceived colors include yellow.

    Infra-yellow, then, refers neither simply to orange nor to entirely
    new spectral coordinates or exotic quantum characteristics of photons,
    but rather to different non visible radiation wavelength emissions
    within ratios similar to those in which visible light is perceived as

    Hence the invisible infra-yellow has the similar nullifying effects
    upon power ring energies as visible yellow light and pigments.

    That so many utterly different sapient species are capable to
    perceive yellow, the wavelength ratios upon which power rings have no
    effect, is often cited as evidentiary support for Intelligent Design
    throughout the galaxies.
    agassi, Apr 15, 2007
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  2. agassi

    Tom Guest


    Just wondering,
    Tom, Apr 15, 2007
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  3. agassi

    agassi Guest

    How does one explain interest or amusement in anything that clearly
    has no practical value? -Let alone anything this nerdy!
    agassi, Apr 16, 2007
  4. agassi

    agassi Guest

    You do speak of chemical ratios within the eye, corresponding to the
    different color perceptions. Indeed, rods and cones do not respond
    each only to a particular range of wavelength or color. Rather they
    each respond to the entire visible spectrum, but each to a particular
    range, more strongly. Colors as perceive are, indeed, a function of
    the ratios of response.

    There was a famous experiment by Rand Polaroid, in which a color scene
    was photographed twice on black and white film, but with slightly
    different yellow lenses. The slides where then projected together onto
    the same screen, through the same filters through which they had been
    photographed, respectively.

    Lo and behold, full color is perceived by all! -A little washed out,
    but quite distinctly...

    I witnessed a demonstration as a child.

    Now, returning to my Science Fiction speculation, I propose that for a
    being with vission in a different range, perhaps colors including
    yellow might nevertheless be perceived, likewise, from a ration, or as
    the F-sharp Bell might think of it, an harmonic, of the correct ratio.
    Hence infra or ultra yellow! Can you do better??

    And there is a clear and certain survival importance to the ability to
    so perceive, that I need not go into, within the mythos of Green
    Lantern comic books. Still, it all seems awfully convenient enough
    perhaps to smack of deus ex machina or divine intervention!
    agassi, Apr 18, 2007
  5. So is this all a reference to the classic "invisible yellow force
    field" from the old issue of Green Lantern? It seems that you're
    stating that there might truly be energy that has "yellow" qualities
    that would not be perceived by the human eye, thus "invisible yellow".
    Glenn Simpson, Apr 18, 2007
  6. agassi

    agassi Guest

    agassi, Apr 19, 2007
  7. agassi

    agassi Guest

    What of it?

    "Representation of the colors each type of cone cell is MOST
    responsive to." Each type of receptor responds to a range of
    wavelengths, but each responds to a particular wavelength more
    strongly than others. What is not made clear, is that perceived color
    is a factor of the ratios of strength of response, between the
    different come types. And the amazing discovery of the groundbreaking
    Rand Polaroid experiment, was how similar ratios of different
    wavelengths entirely, are perceived as the same color! And I was
    actually hoping that anyone might be able to help me track down the
    proper citation.
    Obviously, there can be no vissual response to the unseen. But there
    can still be a ratio of difference between two frequencies within the
    same emitted or reflected beam of radiation.
    Perhaps for Xax of Xaos, the insect Green Lantern, there is a "Yellow"
    perception from certain ratios of UV wavelengths eliciting certain
    ratios of response within different facets of his compound eyes,
    thereby alerting him that they will tend to neutralize the influence
    of the Power Device about his thorax.

    text -
    agassi, Apr 19, 2007
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