irlen/ocular discomfort syndrome/scotopic sensitivity syndrome??

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Daanish, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Daanish

    Daanish Guest

    I was hoping to get some feedback on an eye condition which I have had for a

    I have seem quite a few specialists in both the US and UK, and they have
    given my condition a number of terms, ranging from 'Irlen Syndrome', Ocular
    Discomfort Syndrome and Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. However, they are not
    really sure what the problem is, or whether it can be described by what they
    have called it.

    Basically the problem began came on rather suddenly in December 2003. I
    encountered difficulty in reading and using the computer. When I read, the
    white of the paper seemed to leap out and made it difficult to read the
    words in black. When using the computer, the screen seems too bright, making
    it difficult to read and comprehend the words; this occurred in spite of my
    attempts to reduce the brightness and contrast. I also have a problem with
    normal vision in the distance, making it uncomfortable, for example, to
    watch the television. I don't really have pain but more in the way of
    eye-strain. My eyes feel all the time as if I have just completed a 4 hours
    exam. It almost feels as if I am not wearing glasses. I also started getting
    very severe headaches.

    I went to see Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon (Ms Gill Adams at Moorefield's
    Eye Hospital) in London in January 2004 who increased the power of my
    glasses, which helped the situation. She referred me on to Dr Gordon Plant
    who I saw in February. Dr Plant is a neuro-opthamologist in UCL Hospital. He
    recommended that I use Amitriptyline in a low dose of 20mg to deal with the
    headaches that I was getting with the eye strain. This medicine does seem to
    have helped reduce the headaches, but the eye-strain continues.

    In May 2004 I went to see Dr David Guyton in Johns Hopkins University
    Hospital in the US. At that time higher powered glasses allowed me to work
    quite comfortably. Dr Guyton suggested that I try using coloured overlays on
    top of the page that I am reading. We tried a blue overlay, and the page
    was definitely better with the overlay on top rather than without.

    In late July, the situation reverted to how it was before I used the new
    glasses. So even with the higher powered ones, I found it difficult to read.
    At this point I went back to see Dr Plant. He was not able to help any
    further but he did try out a few overlays and helped me chose the ones that
    I am most comfortable with. This is a combination of using purple and blue.

    I have been using these overlays for over a month and have reached a point
    where I cannot do without them. This is obviously a problem since not all
    reading material can be comfortably read using an overlay. A couple of weeks
    ago I went to see Ms Adams again who suggested getting tinted glasses as a
    replacement to the overlays.

    She was sceptical of the Irlen technique and instead suggested getting done
    what is known as the Colorimetry test done to chose the correct colour. I
    got this done and have started wearing the tinted lenses. They help a little
    bit but my vision discomfort continues.

    I was wondering if anyone has come across something like this before? I
    understand that some people find it useful to use tinted lenses to read, but
    is that only for reading? Do people with the Irlen syndrome experience
    visual problems associated with only reading, or do they also have problems
    with the environment.

    I will appreciate any feedback.
    Daanish, Nov 8, 2004
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  2. Daanish

    Dom Guest

    Did you have a neck or head injury around the time it started? or have you
    received any chiropractic manipulation?

    Are you unusually sensitive to glare?

    Do you miss lines or read the same line twice?

    Do words seem to jumble or move about?

    Dom, Nov 10, 2004
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