Iron In Degenerative Retinal Disease

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    In the presence of ferritin, visible light induces lipid peroxidation
    of the porcine photoreceptor outer segment
    Authors: Kentaro Ohishi, Xiao Mei Zhang, Shinichi Moriwaki,
    Tadahisa Hiramitsu, Seiichi Matsugo

    Journal: Free Radical Research
    We studied the synergistic effect of visible light and ferritin on
    the lipid peroxidation on a fraction of porcine photoreceptor
    outer segment (POS).
    Reaction mixtures containing the POS fraction and horse spleen
    ferritin were irradiated under white fluorescent light mainly
    at 17,000 lx or incubated under dark conditions at 37 degrees C.
    The lipid peroxidation was evaluated by both the thiobarbituric
    acid method and the ferrous oxidation/xylenol orange method.
    The irradiation-induced lipid peroxidation was affected by
    some experimental factors such as the irradiation dose and
    acidity of the material.
    When the irradiation was stopped, the lipid peroxidation was
    also stopped; thereafter, the re-irradiation induced lipid
    Moreover, this lipid peroxidation was inhibited by desferrioxamine,
    an iron chelator, or by dimethylthiourea, a hydroxyl radical
    scavenger, suggesting that the lipid peroxidation involves
    hydroxyl radicals generated via the Fenton reaction by iron ion
    released from ferritin.
    The lipid peroxidation did not take place under dark conditions
    or in the absence of ferritin.
    This study suggested the possibility that the visible light-induced
    lipid peroxidation of the POS fraction in the presence of ferritin
    may participate in the etiology of human retinal degenerative
    diseases as the human retina is exposed to light for life.

    Free radical research. 01/09/2006; 40(8):799-807.
    ISSN: 1071-5762
    DOI: 10.1080/10715760600555027

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