Irritation to cleaning/disinfecting solutions (RGP with Keratoconus)

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by kmgaither, Mar 13, 2022.

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    Mar 13, 2022
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    I have been wearing RGP lenses most of my life due to Keratoconus. Soft lenses and glasses do not correct my vision due to the keratoconus. Years ago, I used the heat disinfection machines. These were replaced with cleaning/disinfecting solutions.

    A few years ago, I started having trouble with my lenses. I could only wear them a few hours without irritation. The lenses get foggy, my eyes start getting extracting mucus. I constantly need to remove the lenses and rub and clean the lens with a cleaning solution and reinsert the lens in my eye. All day long.

    After visiting several different optometrists, with no relief, my current doctor immediately said it is not the lens, it is the cleaning/disinfecting solution you are using. He said most cleaners have an ingredient, but sadly I don't remember the ingredient, that he found some of his patients are allergic to. He suggested I use the solution Optimum by Lobob. CDS-cleaning, disinfecting, and storage solution. It was a game changer!! All the problems disappeared. I had gotten to the point I thought i would no longer be able to see and it was the solution all along!

    Fast forward to today. They have stopped making the solution. I have gone as far as to call the company and inquire if they sold the product to a different company that I could purchase from. I was told there are not that many people using RGP lenses, and it is not profitable to continue production.

    I am certain, most of the individuals who are having problems with contacts, especially people wearing RGP, and think it is the contact, are actually having adverse effects to the solution. As a 50+ year user of contacts I have experienced a lot of issues with contacts. I want my old heat disinfection machine I used 40+ years ago back!!! I never had issues with chemical reactions with that!!

    PLEASE, does anybody on this forum know of a cleaning solution like Optimum or where I can buy the old disinfecting 'water boiling' machines? I am willing to go back in time and keep these chemical irritants out of my eyes!

    Thanks for any help!
    kmgaither, Mar 13, 2022
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