Is Lenscrafters the only retailer with a liberal return policy?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by midwest_46, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. midwest_46

    midwest_46 Guest

    Lenscrafters allows a customer to return a pair of glasses for a full
    monetary refund within 30 days.

    However, Pearle Vision allows exchanges only. No monetary refunds are

    Also, I live in Chicago, and I have spoken to a few local, independent
    optical retailers. These retailers also do not give monetary refunds.
    These retailers offer exchanges only.

    So, is Lenscrafters the only optical retailer that offers a 30-day,
    money-back refund?
    midwest_46, Feb 17, 2007
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  2. midwest_46

    CatmanX Guest

    Why do you need a refund? The store spends money on goods, why should
    you get a full refund?

    In short, are you a total scumbag? Do you enjoy ripping stores off? Do
    you take pleasure in fucking around with retailers?

    If you order a product and a retailer makes what you ask for, then you
    deserve what you get. If you are not satisfied, whose fault is it? The
    retailer because they made what you asked for, or you for not
    specifying what your needs were? The retailer is not obliged to even
    remake the glasses if you are the dickhead you appear to be.

    Go to lenscrafters, get a crappy pair of glasses made, then see
    whether they give you a refund.
    CatmanX, Feb 17, 2007
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  3. midwest_46

    Charles Guest

    You're being ridiculous. Simple returns are part of the business model
    of most succesful retailers these days. It's an extra service offered,
    not a moral obligation. That said, "no fault" returns are so common
    these days that I really expect it unless specified otherwise for most
    retail goods. Glasses are slightly different because they are custom,
    but it's overly simplistic to claim that they simply provide what you
    ask for. First of all, most of the time, they are probably also
    telling you what to ask for in the first place(the Rx) and second,
    quality and accuracy of lenses varies all over the place. Every
    optometrist I've ever worked with has a guarantee of some kind - they
    will remake lenses when you can't see right. I've also exchanged
    frames when they turned out to be inconsistent with my prescription.
    Charles, Feb 17, 2007
  4. midwest_46

    andyj1011 Guest

    What planet are you from? I got some VERY expensive glasses form LC--
    progressives--and those idiots did not know how to fit them, what to
    recommend--hell, they didn't even ask any questions about what I
    usually do. They just tossed me some crap in whatever frame I chose,
    and that was that. I got better info from this newsgroup (though not
    from people like you), and told LC what to give me. They still
    weren't fitted right, but they were my first pair of glasses - and
    with progressives, you don't know what is "right" unless you have worn
    a bunch.

    You are simply gullible. LC makes a fortune. So does Walmart. These
    huge corporations do NOT offer refunds by accident. It is part of a
    marketing plan that makes them a ton of money. I am sure they are a
    signficant number of people like you who will accept their negligent
    work and ill-conceived advice of what to buy, and then not return the
    piss-poor goods because you don't want to cost the corporation money.
    andyj1011, Feb 17, 2007
  5. midwest_46

    Mark A Guest

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know one thing. If you
    get lenses at Lenscrafters you are much more likely to need a complete
    refund than most other stores. This is because they push polycarb almost
    exclusively, even though it is not appropriate for many Rx's. They also sell
    very mediocre lens designs like Essilor Ovation branded under the
    "Featherwate" label so that consumers don't even know what they are getting.
    Lots of fitting problems also by idiot salespeople who were selling clothing
    last week at a different store in the mall.

    If that is not enough (it is) Lenscrafters (and Pearle) are owned by
    Luxottica Group (a foreign owned company) so all the profits exit the USA.
    Mark A, Feb 17, 2007
  6. midwest_46

    Neil Brooks Guest

    My thoughts, exactly. Wasn't it Mark Twain who said, "Man is the only
    animal who blushes ... or /needs/ to."

    Put another way: I'd rather have a great car than a great warranty.

    That said, LC HAS done right by me on a couple of occasions in the
    past. MBA's CAN hire good ODs, too ;-)
    Now THAT one I didn't know. Thanks for the info.
    Neil Brooks, Feb 17, 2007
  7. midwest_46

    FKS Guest

    That's why some MDs get an MBA degree.
    FKS, Feb 18, 2007
  8. midwest_46

    Dan Abel Guest

    I have belonged to Kaiser for over 30 years. I understand that they
    have no trouble hiring doctors. The doctors are doctors. They make the
    medical decisions. Somebody else runs the business. Doctors who want
    to go into business should be in private practice. I saw a retinal
    specialist at Kaiser less than two years ago. I had major surgery. She
    started at Kaiser many years ago. She went into private practice for 16
    years. Major hassles with insurance and dealing with whether patients
    could afford treatment. None of these hassles at Kaiser. She went back
    with Kaiser. Other hassles. Never the same nurse. More clerical work.
    There are pressures to reduce surgery. The surgeons have decided to go
    into their field partly to do surgery. They are on salary. They make
    no money for doing surgery. It takes time. If a patient needs surgery,
    they do it, because it is their job. If they can avoid surgery, that
    reduces their workload. I think that works. When a Kaiser doctor
    recommends surgery (and I've had lots), they aren't doing it for the
    money. They are on salary.

    Kaiser tries to use local anesthesia. I've read that it is safer. I've
    had two surgeries outside of Kaiser. They like the general. For my
    first RD, I was out of town. It was a general, and I was in the
    hospital for a day. I had my last RD at Kaiser. It was a two hour
    surgery. I was released about a half hour after the surgery.

    Kaiser has a lower rate of C-sections. They aren't good for you. My
    wife had four at Kaiser. They do what they have to do.

    Kaiser isn't perfect. The doctors are in fact frustrated. Sometimes
    things don't work. Every time there has been a medical decision related
    to me, the doctor makes it, though.

    I had a bad experience many years ago. I got a card in the mail for my
    appointment, at 7:30AM. I went for it. I asked the doctor why it was
    at that time. Some people like it. I had lots of sick leave. I didn't
    like it. She wanted me to go to the lab. It opened at 9:30. She
    wanted me to get a shot. She gave me a piece of paper. The front desk
    asked me to come back in two hours, there wasn't anybody there to give
    Dan Abel, Feb 19, 2007
  9. midwest_46

    midwest_46 Guest

    In 2004, I purchased -5.25, -5.25 glasses at a Lenscrafters store.
    -5.25 glasses had lenses that were photo flextint plastic and had
    frames that were Featherwates.

    When I purchased -5, -5 glasses in late 2006, I asked for the same
    lens material as the 2004 lenses. Unfortunately, unknown to me,
    Lenscrafters instead gave me polycarbonate lenses. With the
    polycarbonate lenses and a stainless-steel Brooks Brothers frame, the
    glasses cost me $280 (after insurance discounts).

    When the glasses gave me headaches, I found out that the lenses were
    polycarbonates and that the poly lenses may be causing the headaches.
    I immediately exchanged the poly lenses for photo mid-index plastic
    lenses, keeping the Brooks Brothers frame. However, the price of the
    glasses stayed the same.

    So, if the poly lenses are more expensive or more profitable than the
    plastic lenses, then shouldn't my new price have been lower than $280?

    By the way, even with the new plastic lenses, I still had some
    headaches from the -5 glasses. I posted about this trouble in other
    threads on this newsgroup. I have recently found out that one reason
    for my getting headaches even with these new lenses is that the frame
    had not been properly adjusted and was too tight at the back of my
    If Lenscrafters and Pearle are owned by the same company, then why do
    Lenscrafters and Pearle have different return policies?
    midwest_46, Feb 19, 2007
  10. midwest_46

    Mark A Guest

    Depends. If you got CR-39 regular plastic, then you should have gotten a
    refund for the difference in price. If you got 1.60 or a mid index, then
    maybe not. If I were you, I would have got a full refund and went somewhere
    else, which would have resolved this issue.
    For one thing, Pearle hasn't always been owned by Luxottica (they bought
    Pearle in 2004), so Pearle probably just kept the same guarantee they had
    before. The other thing is that Pearle is more of discount optical, and
    their prices probably don't reflect the cost of offering a money back
    guarantee (which must be built into the prices they charge). If Pearle is to
    be run exactly like Lenscrafters, then they would probably convert all the
    Pearle stores to Lenscrafters stores (saves on advertising and overhead

    But if you really want to know, why don't you ask them?
    Mark A, Feb 19, 2007
  11. midwest_46

    CatmanX Guest

    I am from planet earth Knackers. Where are you from?

    1) It is not the cost of the glasses, it is the value. You buy crap
    from Lenscrafters, bigger fool you.

    2) How do you kniw they weren't fitted right?

    3) I know what is right because I personally fit ~10 sets of
    multifocals every day.

    4) What makes me gullible? You are the dickhead who was stupid enough
    to go to Lenscrafters, not me.

    5) They don't offer refunds because dickheads like you read a few
    things on the net and think you are an expert. They have already spent
    money on goods, why do you deserve any money back for getting what you
    asked for?

    6) I don't accept their 'negligent work' that's why I run my own

    7) I don't give refunds on piss-poor goods because I don't sell piss-
    poor goods.

    Maybe next time, you will have the common sense to research your needs
    PRIOR to purchasing goods and then get some from a reputable optical
    company, and not try to save a buck buying cheap shit.

    p.s. You are right. You will not learn anything from me because you
    are too stupid to listen.

    dr grant
    CatmanX, Feb 21, 2007
  12. for good reason any optical retailer should have some exchange/redo
    policy but not necessarily a full refund.
    michael toulch, Feb 21, 2007
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