Is my extreme-level visual distortion actually called astigmatism?

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by researchobbyist, Sep 11, 2023.

  1. researchobbyist


    Sep 11, 2023
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    My right eye, for about 10 years, sees objects as elongated/stretched about 20 percent, vertically. It also shifts objects slightly to the right, and also slightly higher, compared to my normal left eye. It also tilts all objects a few degrees to the left, like leaning tower of Pisa. I am uploading an image file which I made in Photoshop, which quite accurately shows what I see with my right eye, compared to the normal left eye. An opthalmologist once said this may be caused by either warped cornea or warped lens.
    My first question is, is this extreme level of distortion called astigmatism? My second question is, is this complex and extreme level distortion at all correctable by eyeglass prescription (including for example a prism lens)? mybinoculardiplopiaillustration.jpg
    researchobbyist, Sep 11, 2023
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