Is my opthamologist not good, proffesional enough? Says i don't have much choice for contact lenses.

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by Vuchko, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. Vuchko

    Vuchko Guest

    Here's the story..

    I've been wearing glasses for 5 years now, I'm 24 year old. I decided
    it was time for a change to contact lenses, as glasses started to
    really get on my nerves.. feel traped and constrained with them
    allways on...

    So I went all happy for a check up for lenses.. and then it started:
    I went through all the tests and then the doctor started saying that
    we don't have much of a choice because i have cylinders.. (I didn't
    know unitl then that i have cylinders.. and no diptry power at all..
    after searching the net i found out it is called astigmatism.. no
    doctor ever told that to me)
    So when they tried to find trial lenses we could try they didn't have
    them, so they put in some lenses that were totaly blurry and
    uncomfortable (probably semi hard, but with what purpose I don't
    know.. since they werent my parameters in the first place.) I said
    that I wanted soft lenses (monthly) so they ordered some lenses. So
    after a coupple of days I went back again to try those lenses and as i
    saw the parameters they were:

    Left eye: -1.75 cyl, 180 ax, 8.9 base curve, 14.5 diameter
    Right eye: -1.0 cyl, 180 ax, 8.9 base curve, 14.5 diameter
    (Ciba Vision Focus Toric Monthly)

    My new glasses prescription is:
    Left eye: 0 sph, -1.5 cyl, 180 ax
    Right eye: 0 sph, -0.5 cyl, 180 ax

    But my earlier prescription for glasses (another doctor a year ago)
    Left eye: +0.25 sph, -2.0 cyl, 180 ax
    Right eye: +0.25 sph, -0.75 cyl, 180 ax
    (never tried it)

    And even earlier prescription (the first one, and these glasses i
    still wear today but left eye not so clear anymore):
    Left eye: 0 sph, -1.0 cyl, 180 ax
    Right eye: 0 sph, -0.5 cyl, 180 ax

    So after i put in those contacts i saw even more blurry on the right
    eye than without glasses. But on the left eye i saw a little bit
    better but not as good as with glasses.
    The doctor seemed as he didn't know why, so he simply said i come
    again in a couple of days to put the same lenses in again.. (i don't
    think it will be any different). He didn't look confident from the
    beginning.. so i have a few questions here:

    1) The doc said i have small eyes and will be difficult to put lense
    in.. Why didn't he try with smaller lenses then? (i suspect because
    the Optician he works with only sells Ciba vison.. and they don't come
    in smaller size.. as i searched the net and checked all available
    toric lenses.. i know there are smaller ones, and with cylinders
    closer to my values.. I must say though that if this is true i'm
    seriously dissapointed.. could it be?)

    2) Is my level of astigmatism anything special? No plus or minus power
    just cylinders.. or should that be even easier to correct than in
    case of combination with myopia.. ?

    3) Why does he say that he doesn't have much choice? Why doesn't he
    try some other values? (cause ciba vision's Focus toric doesn't come
    in them?)

    4) Why try same lense again? He checked and saw that i don't see good
    with it..

    5) Why such a difference in prescriptions for glasses between the two

    Thank You VERY much for any of your anwsers !!!
    I would appreciate any experience from anyone !
    Vuchko, Jan 25, 2005
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  2. Vuchko

    LarryDoc Guest

    [much text deleted]
    That was your first clue that there was a problem:
    Toric lenses are available from dozens of manufacturers in quite a few
    diameters, base curves, designs and materials. Many to choose from. But
    perhaps not at this practitioner's office.

    Nothing special or unique about your prescription. Sometimes it is
    easier to get optimum vision if there is myopia (or hyperopia) as well,
    but your prescription is not a problem.
    See first answer.
    There is no reason to try again unless the first time did not allow at
    least 20 minutes for the lenses to "settle down.". It IS appropriate to
    measure the power of the contact lenses combined with the power of
    lenses in the phoropter (machine that measures your prescription) to
    arrive at the optimum combined power that determines the best lens
    powers to order.
    There really isn't that much difference.
    Hope that helped.

    --LB, O.D.
    LarryDoc, Jan 25, 2005
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  3. Vuchko

    Mark A Guest

    Are you in the USA? If so, you probably should not be seeing an
    ophthalmologist to get glasses unless you have some eye disease or eye
    injury. Go to an optometrist (OD) to get an eye exam. You can get your
    lenses from the OD (usually) or an optician.
    Mark A, Jan 25, 2005
  4. Vuchko

    kemccx Guest

    I absolutely agree. I had been going to my ophthalmologist for years
    for glasses prescriptions and finally when I asked about contact
    lenses, he was very ill-equipped to fit me - becuase I didn't feel he
    was interested and secondly, he didn't have many lenses in his office.
    My local OD has a slew of them and gave me the right fit after 2 tries.
    Now, I realize I didn't need to be going to him all this time for my
    prescriptions as well. I apologize to all the OD's out there.
    kemccx, Jan 26, 2005
  5. Vuchko

    g.gatti Guest

    You show yourself to be a stupid if you believe that contacts are
    better than glasses.

    But you are not alone.

    Many people are like you.

    They believe the bullshit doctors tell them and go for glasses then for
    contacts then for lasik then regret.

    Don't be such a stupid.
    g.gatti, Jan 26, 2005
  6. Vuchko

    kemccx Guest

    contacts are sometimes better. Obviously, the field of vision cannot
    be surpassed - and presonally, mi vision is crisper and clearer.
    LASIK, however, is a whole other story .
    kemccx, Jan 26, 2005
  7. Vuchko

    g.gatti Guest

    It is not a whole other story.

    It is the same stupid story.

    Instead of teaching you how to treat your imperfect sight so that it
    can become again NORMAL or PERFECT, they sell you harmful devices which
    induce addiction, and spoil not only your sight and your wallet, but
    your very life.
    g.gatti, Jan 26, 2005
  8. Vuchko

    eyecaremd Guest

    eyecaremd, Jan 27, 2005
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