Is this normal? Pink Eye/Conjunctivitis

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by tforms1, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. tforms1

    tforms1 Guest

    Ok, usually when I get a Cold, the timeline is:
    First 3-4 Days - sore throat and tiredness
    Next 3-4 Days - coughing and runny nose.

    Now I started getting a sore throat on Friday and was down most of the
    holiday weekend.
    Tuesday night started with a cough.

    Yesterday (Wednesday) I noticed my left eye is tearing up a lot.
    And there seems to be more than normal "gunk" produced.
    and its blood shot, but no itchiness or pain or grittiness feeling.

    I was thinking this is due to my coughing ALOT...maybe the pressure
    from coughing and being sick irritated/redden my eye.

    But after doing some research it sounds like Viral conjunctivitis.
    Which I heard can be caused by a cold.....?

    I am currently out of town for work, but reading online, it sounds like
    Viral conjunctivitis goes away on its own anyway.
    So hopefully the cold and the eye problem will be done soon.

    Basically 2 main questions:
    1. Is this normal? I've gotten lots of colds before, but I never heard
    of getting Pink Eye from it.

    2. I heard pink eye is very contagious, but what is the life span of
    the virus on objects?
    Like if I touch my eye and then a magazine, and my friend comes over
    the next night, should he be careful? Or does the virus die after a
    few minutes in the open air?

    tforms1, Jul 6, 2006
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  2. tforms1

    tforms1 Guest

    Since your colds are usually different strains of virus, you can expect them
    True, but my usual reactions to them have usually been pretty
    But this is the first time I have conjunctivitis symptoms, ever.

    So viral conjunctivitis wouldnt show up along with a stuffy nose?
    Hmmm so now Im wondering what it could be then.
    You're right, thats why I looked into Pink Eye.
    My initial thought was too much pressure, because I cough so much, that
    sometimes I try to keep my mouth close to "stiffle" the cough.
    But you're right, if the pressure caused redness, it would be a spot
    most likely and not the blood vessels.

    Ok. I was also concerned that when I leave the office on friday my
    officemate who is out this week, would catch germs on monday, but the
    germs should die by Saturday.

    Yesterday was watering and producing gunk all day.
    Usually when I wake up I have gunk at the corners of the eye, but this
    time it is in the middle of the eye too.

    But Today, while the eye is pretty red, its been mostly dry, and not
    must gunk produced after I washed my eye out this morning.
    It does feel "full" like its about to well up, but its not watery like


    tforms1, Jul 7, 2006
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  3. tforms1

    retinula Guest

    sure. its commonplace to get a red irritated eye that is associated
    with an upper respiratory infection. some people even refer to this as
    "a cold in your eye". your tear duct is physically connected with your
    throat were cold viruses reside.

    the virus is no more contagious than a cold virus. not much to worry
    about but it is somewhat transmissable. just use common sense (don't
    share kleenex or hankerchief with others, wash hands frequently, etc.)
    it is caused by certain strains of adenoviruses usually.

    don't confuse this with severe pink eye which is also known as epidemic
    keratoconjunctivitis. that type of infection is pretty uncommon but is
    extremely contagious and takes weeks to clear up. the type of viral
    conjunctivitis you have is self-limiting just like a cold and is
    usually gone within a couple of days without any treatment. i'll bet
    its pretty much gone already.

    no need to worry.

    retinula, Jul 7, 2006
  4. tforms1

    tforms1 Guest

    Wow, I've just never heard of getting pink eye from a cold.
    I've never known anyone who had it either.
    well, last Weds. my left eye was watering a lot and had gunk in it
    during the day.
    Thursday, it felt full, but did not water, and no gunk.
    Friday - Today (monday) - both eyes are now red, but feels normal, no
    watering, etc.
    But everymorning my eyes are closed due to above average amounts of

    I still have a lingering cough from my cold, hopefully the eye thing
    will go away by the time the cough is done.

    tforms1, Jul 10, 2006
  5. tforms1

    tforms1 Guest

    Ok, my cold has been gone for about a week now, but I still have a tiny
    lingering cough.

    But I still seem to have pink eye.

    About 2-3 weeks ago, when I had the cold, one day my eyes kept watering
    and having discharge.
    After that day, it stopped watering, but every morning there was
    slightly higher than normal discharge.

    Now (about 2-3 weeks later), the eyes still seem to be red (well the
    blood vessels), but the past few days my eyes have actually felt drier
    than normal. (I never had dry or watery eyes until this eyes
    have always been normal feeling)
    And when I leave a building and get into the sunlight, I seem to be
    slightly more sensitive for a few minutes, of course this could be due
    to the dryness.
    I still have slightly higher than normal discharge in the morning.

    What could the problem be?
    I thought pink eye due to colds usually depart after a week, its been
    about 2 weeks now.

    tforms1, Jul 22, 2006
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