Is this normal?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by shellycom, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. shellycom

    shellycom Guest

    My mom had cataract surgery on both eyes 4 weeks apart. It's been
    more than two months since the first surgery on the left eye and for
    the most part, it's been a miserable experience.

    She apparently experienced a tremendous amount of pain during the first
    surgery and told the doctor she could feel him "digging in her eye" and
    she pulled away. They did something to increase the anesthetic then
    continued the procedure.

    About two weeks after this surgery she saw a different
    doctor to remove one of the three stitches that didn't lie down...she
    couldn't take the pain anymore. The doc who performed the procedure
    said he wouldn't remove the stitch...apparently some risk is involved
    in this.

    This eye now has a lot of dryness and everything has a glare and is
    bright. Physically, you can see the pupil has jagged edges all around
    it and it's quite large.

    She saw yet another doctor to confirm she didn't have retinal
    detachment but wasn't able to get the required referral to return for
    the follow-up appointment. This doctor did note a collection of blood
    in the eye.

    She returned to the first doctor to have her right eye cataract surgery
    done which is the doctor who did the first cataract surgery on the left
    eye. However, it has been three weeks since the right eye procedure,
    which went well, and everything appears darker.

    And the physical appearance of the right pupil is drastically different
    from the left. The right pupil looks tiny and the left looks very
    large. So to look at her with these different pupil sizes, and her eyes
    are light bluish-gray, they don't look normal. Looks kind of freakish

    Will these pupils change to be the same size over time?
    Can surgery fix them?
    Can surgery fix the glare?
    shellycom, Mar 16, 2005
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  2. shellycom

    Dom Guest

    I'm not a cataract surgeon, but no this doesn't sound normal. I would guess
    that the pupils won't change in size on their own now. Your questions are
    hard to answer on a newsgroup like this.

    Perhaps your mum should go back to the third doctor (who noted the blood in
    the eye), as he did want to do a follow up but never had the chance. Ask the
    direct question "was there a problem with the surgery?". No surgery goes to
    plan 100% of the time. Whether it's fixable, I don't know (not being a

    Dom, Mar 19, 2005
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