It WAS Iritis! (not conjunctivitis)

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Lynne, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. Lynne

    Lynne Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I'm the person who thought I was misdiagnosed at the ER. Thanks so
    much for you reponses and your help. On Tuesday I went to an
    Optometrist,and I do have Iritis. He prescribed a steroid/antibiotic
    eyedrop called TobraDex,and it's helping me. He told me to do 1 drop
    every 2 hours.

    Thanks to Duckie,Squirrely,Firechief,Debbie,and all the people who
    responded with supportive and helpful posts,it was a big help to me.

    Thanks to Mike Tyner who suggested I take 3 Ibuprofen pills,twice a
    day. I did that until I was able to get into a doctor.

    And also to Mike Tyner who said the eyedrop I was on(Sulfacetamide)
    was not a good one,you were so right,the Optometrist couldn't say
    enough bad things about that drop.

    And thanks to Dr. Leukoma who suggested that I could see an
    Optometrist instead of an Opthamologist. I would have never realized
    that,and it was so easy! There's one about a mile from me,I just
    walked right in,no waiting,and he didn't even charge me! For me to see
    an Opthamologist,I would have had to see my regular doctor to get a
    referral,with his usual 2 hour waiting room wait,and then make an
    appt. and go into the Opthamologist.

    Thanks everyone!
    Lynne :)
    Lynne, Sep 9, 2004
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  2. Hi Lynne, I am glad that you were helped here by people that have lived
    with what you have but the best way to say thanks is for you to take part
    here when you can and help the next person that comes along with what you
    have lived with and what worked for you.
    Harvey R. Stone, Sep 9, 2004
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  3. Lynne

    drfrank21 Guest

    I guess different providers have different treatment protocols
    but I always prescribe pred forte for a primary iritis instead of
    any combo agent.

    I'm not sure why he didn't charge you for at least an office visit
    but I guess that's your good fortune. I assume that he did a dilation
    exam and put you on a dilating agent as well. Follow up visits for
    your iritis to check the progess and intraocular pressures are
    important so I hope you have a follow-up appt with him.

    May have missed it, but do you have arthritis?

    drfrank21, Sep 9, 2004
  4. DeeTee and Bob Taggart, Sep 9, 2004
  5. Next time you see your PCP, and they are running blood
    tests anyway, ask to have a HLA-B27 gene typing done.
    If it comes back positive, your PCP should send you to
    a rheumatologist. With luck, a positive result won't be
    Good luck and glad you were able to find us.
    Did the optometrist tell you to come back? You don't
    want to stop the drug too soon. You want the iritis to
    be stopped completely. If not, it can sometimes rebound
    [probably not the right term] and I have had that
    happen as well. Not pretty. rofl I will not tell you
    what they had to do to me to halt that outbreak. This
    group knows however.
    Duckie - the Iritis Queen


    _('< -quack

    __('< *QUACK!*

    _('< "|,,|_"

    _('< "AFLAC!"
    Caroline Marold, Sep 9, 2004
  6. Lynne

    debbie m. Guest


    I'm so glad you decided to look into it furthur. Sometimes we just know
    something doesn't seem right. Your on the way to healing now!

    debbie m.
    debbie m., Sep 9, 2004
  7. Lynne

    Lynne Guest

    Hi! I think the Optometrist didn't charge me because he felt sorry for
    me because I had been misdiagnosed at the ER. He said I could come
    back for a check-up visit,too. He was so nice.

    I do have a touch of arthritis that started a few years ago(I'm 42
    years old). I can feel it mainly in my knees,but I had an x-ray of my
    toes a few years ago,to check to see if I had broken my big toe,and
    the Dr. said he could see arthritis in my toes.

    I'll be going in soon for my regular Hepatitis C bloodwork and I'll
    ask them to do a HLA-B27 gene typing.

    Thanks again everyone!
    Lynne :)
    Lynne, Sep 10, 2004
  8. As they were said to me when I needed to hear them. :)

    Harvey R. Stone, Sep 11, 2004
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