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Discussion in 'Laser Eye Surgery' started by Churie., Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Churie.

    Churie. Guest

    Take time to read and then we'll discuss.A couple of day's back my
    neice who is 22 years old went for her routine eye examination to one
    of the so called fore most eye center in one of the Southern parts of
    India.She is known myopic for a pretty long time.The Objective and
    Subjective was done and her power had increased from-4.5D OD and -1.75
    D OS significantly.There were some retinal changes too and she was
    asked to come down for FT after a couple of days for a Green Laser
    sitting.The consultant instead of postiong her for laser,counselled
    her by stating that her power had increased to -9.00D with -1.75D
    Cylindrical ,Axis 180 Deg and -2.50D with same cylindrical
    correction,said that she cannot use specs or contact lens. The ORB
    scan Topo and Abro was pushed on her.The option he gave was to undergo
    a Laser correction{Zyoptix} in OD and Lasik in OS.What surprised me
    was the fact that since she has Cylindrcal correction how can the
    consultant post her for Lasik in OS.The fact is that Baush and Laumb
    have clearly mentioned that the power should be stable at least a
    period of two years,the ideal age 21 plus and only Zyoptix corrects
    Astigmatism.The consltant I presume that is ignorant or was he trying
    to push Zyoptix.
    Churie., Jun 13, 2007
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  2. Churie.

    Churie. Guest

    Churie., Jun 13, 2007
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  3. Churie.

    Dan Abel Guest

    I read it and will post my experience. I am a layperson, so this is
    just my experience. Your niece may have other factors that I don't.

    I suspect pushing surgery, or else something wasn't understood. Your
    niece is unlikely to be able to see using both eyes with glasses. I
    wore contacts for about ten years. For five of those years, I had -9D
    in the left eye, with no astigmatism correction, and plano in the right
    eye, with 1.75D astigmatism correction. I wore contacts 14 hours a day,
    7 days a week. I agree that doing refractive surgery when the eyes
    don't appear to be stable seems like a bad idea.
    Dan Abel, Jun 13, 2007
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