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Discussion in 'Laser Eye Surgery' started by Roy Starrin, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. Roy Starrin

    Roy Starrin Guest

    I first looked in cataract surgery with y'all in the thread of
    09/30/2005 - Some cataract questions.
    Followed this (post surgery) in the thread starting 12/24/05
    NEW Case - Should I accept this vision.
    In the latter I reported how the LRI preformed incident to cataract
    surgery of the right eye produced: "LRI induced astigmatism incident
    to cataract surgery".
    The scripts are currently:
    OD Before: 1-27-05 Sphere/Cyl/Axis
    OD After 1-25-06 +0.50/-2.75/105

    OS Before: +3.75/-1.50/094
    OS After: +0.50/-0.75/065

    There were two Adds
    Before, both were +2.50
    After, both are now different (I think this is another screw up)
    OD +2.50
    OS +2.25
    Anyhow, had my first 2nd opinion Friday. (The second 2nd opinion
    willl be later in March with a corneal specialist)
    2nd eyedoc says (as was speculated to me privately by a member of this
    group) Surgical Error - He made the LRI incision ("I can see it") 90
    degrees from where it should have been: "Tell him to fix it---FREE"

    Now, the question as to what to do, arises again. This eyedoc says NO
    to any thought of a second LRI - by anyone. He says some form of
    lazer surgery, in all of it's various names, may work. Because I
    asked, he is going to have a complete workup done tomorrow morning as
    to what lazer surgery might be best. Then I am to go in early Friday,
    before they open and he will sit down with me "for an hour or so" and
    explore all the options.
    (I'm sure he is looking for a little business. I certainly am a
    little gun shy when it comes to returning to the original guy - free
    or not. W'll see [Maybe Medicare will fund it as an eye injury

    How do I see. Crisply, clearly - really well at night. HOWEVER
    COMMA, my (I don't know what to call it) depth of field, 3-d vision is
    lousy. And, occasionally, the effect that everything in the vision
    field is tilted down and to the left (about 315R) still comes up every
    now and then - and I have no idea why - though it could be the brain
    still adjusting to this. Dry eyes got worse (but this could also be
    the new heat pump which works wonderfully).
    So, this is where I am. I may choose to continue to attempt to
    refract the condition away
    Any and all comments/suggestions are welcome, as they will all help me
    to reach my decision. (When I get next Friday's recommedations from
    2nd opinion doc, I'll let you know.)
    Roy Starrin, Feb 26, 2006
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