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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by David Jones, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. David Jones

    David Jones Guest

    I am about to shop for another pair of glasses and I'd like to know if there
    have been any real advances in high-power lens technology in the last two years.

    My prescription is -12D in both eyes, with some astigmatism.

    Right now I am wearing what the optician called "Nikon 4". Although I cannot
    find any mention of this on the web, I believe it is Nikon's 1.67/32 Abbe
    material. These glasses are good; I would be willing to get this technology
    again, but can I do better?

    I see many high-index lenses in the 1.67/32 Abbe range, and Hoya's
    1.71/36 Abbe Teslalid/Eyry stands out above them. Also notable for higher Abbe
    is the Sola 1.6/42 Abbe Finalite.

    Not so clear is the relative merits of various aspheric designs. All vendors
    preach the virtues of aspheric lenses, but are some vendors better than others?

    My primary optimization criterion is thickness. I seem to be able to adapt
    to chromatic aberration quite well, but I am interested in seeking a higher
    Abbe if it does not overly compromise thickness. Certainly I don't want to
    go lower than 32.
    David Jones, Sep 30, 2003
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