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    Dear Sir /

    If it would be interesting for you to learn,

    1) why the electromagnetic waves radiated by our brain and
    carrying a definite information (e.g. telepathic) have not been still
    detected [A.2( see Article 2), the commentaries - below ];

    2) what kind of signals radiate living creatures which are not
    detected with up-to-date physical devices, are protected excellently
    from any noises, go through any obstacles, and are received reliably
    in any point of the Earth [A.2];

    3) why telepathy - how an independent natural phenomenon -
    does not exist but is, so to say, "by-product" of our memory, e.g.
    auditory, visual [A.3];

    4) why the centres of memory and thinking are not - in a man's
    head (e.g. one can - under certain conditions - shoot at target,
    purposefully go and run for about a minute even - without one's head)
    and where they are [A.3,4,15];

    5) why it is possible a so-called "quasi-resurrection" (quasi-
    raising from the dead), i.e. the return - of the deceased in our world
    but - in different bodies, e.g. in some years after Yu. Gagarin's
    destruction a man who was absolutely unlike him appeared at the
    cosmonaut's mother and started fervently insisting that he is her son,
    knowing practically everything about Yuri [A.5,6];

    6) why such diseases as malaria and schizophrenia can - "kill"
    cancer tumours; why with such a mysterious disease as "Jakill - Hyde's
    syndrome" the quite different personalities (who can be ill with
    different illnesses) "take root" alternately in - the same body; why
    cancer with metastases can disappear - spontaneously; why epileptics
    are not ill - with schizophrenia and schizophrenics - with epilepsy;
    why hooping-cough, gout, dropsy and even influenza can disappear -
    from a great fear; why a man who is ill with mental disease
    lykantropia feels himself as - a wolf and consequently howls, bites,
    growls, runs an all fours, eats raw meat only [A.5-8];

    7) why any diseases we can treat by influence on our brain (let
    us assume, by electromagnetic field) but not on diseased organs and,
    therefore, there is no necessity at all to use surgical methods which
    cripple a body [A.8];

    8) why a 7 - 10 - years - old child who is ill with proheria
    looks like a profound old man: a wrinkled skin, a gray hair, a
    shuffling gait; why the aging of a man begin after stopping a body's
    growth [A.9];

    9) why (in contrast to people) multicellular hydras are -
    practically immortal (they have no age at all), and jellyfishes,
    pikes, sharks, sturgeons - do not grow old, i.e. they are "eternally"
    young [A.9];

    10) why not only a mountain climate, a regular moderate manual
    labour and rational intensive mental work but and a full - "mental
    idleness", praying, silence and even a moderate atherosclerosis of
    brain vessels prolong the life of a person [A.

    11) why if we "decrease" (by suggestion) the age of elderly
    people who are in a hypnotic state by 30 - 40 years, then the sight of
    these ones - sharply improve, their wrinkles disappear, the scars from
    wounds and operations resolve, the phenomena connected with arthrosis
    and osteochondrosis are over; but as soon as these persons return in a
    normal state, "their" old age and illnesses - again there they are,
    i.e. they "hide" somewhere for the period of the action of hypnosis,
    and hence, aging and the illness connected with it are reversible [A.

    12) why some people who have survived after a pale toadstool
    poisoning - stop growing old; why some "lucky man" suddenly - start
    looking younger: their wrinkles disappear, hair turns black, third
    teeth grow; why owing to the injection of the big doses of the hormone
    of growth we can look younger by 15 - 20 years, and then, if we
    decrease the temperatures of our bodies by 5 - 6 0C, we shall be able
    to prolong this "second youth" - for 1000 - 1400 years [A.11,12];

    13) why in the area of the Bermuda Triangle and other "devil's"
    places where are breaks (clefts) in the earth's crust suddenly -
    disappear ships and aircrafts with their crews, but in tens of years
    some of these men suddenly - return in our world without growing old
    not a jot [A.14];

    14) why some people, e.g. the famous extrasens Vanga (Dimitrova)
    or somnambulists (sleep walkers) can see very well - without their
    eyes [A.15];

    15) why in the hospital of the Holy Heart (Frankfurt, Germany) a
    local photographer managed to photograph - the soul leaving the body
    of a woman who was dead a second ago; why our souls are real, immortal
    and - material (e.g. they reflect the infra-red rays, are registered
    with electronic devices); why cats and rattlesnakes - see the souls of
    the dead (i.e. ghosts, phantoms) and dogs smell them; why children and
    sick men with delirium tremens - see, hear and feel the souls of the
    deceased; why practically all people - see the souls of the dead with
    outlying vision; why as a result of the fixed looking in a mirror
    (this method was worked out by a famous American scientist R. Moody,
    the author of the bestseller "Life after Life") practically all
    persons can see - the souls of their dead near relations and associate
    with them with the help of telepathy [A.15-22];

    16) why at once after awakening some people with amputated leg
    can walk (for certain time) - with two legs, i.e. they lean on the
    phantom of the amputated one [A.21];

    17) what are "the rays of eyesight" radiated by men's eyes which
    behave as electromagnetic waves of super-high frequency (they exert
    pressure upon bodies, possess calorific effect, are focused well) and
    can be at the bottom of such a disease as a wasting disease [A.22];

    18) why many people have so-called "prophetic" dreams which come
    true afterwards; why mentally ill people can often - foretell the
    future of a man [A.24],

    please visit site

    and if we can cooperate, tell me
    about it, please.


    Yu. I. Nikolski
    unique_, Apr 8, 2008
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