Lower eyelid spasm

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Keith Morris, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. Keith Morris

    Keith Morris Guest

    About three weeks ago I developed a lower lid spasm (myokymia?) after flying
    north for a weekend. I wear contact lenses and it seems to have started as
    an irritation that led to the spasm (although it could have been the other
    way around). I also travelled the following week and the irritation
    persisted as well asthe intermittent spasm. After returning home I greatly
    reduced my lens wear time but the spasm and irritation got worse, peaking on
    Thanksgiving. Since then I have not worn a lens in the affected eye. The
    spasm continues but the irritation is much less, although I do have some
    mild discomfort in the affected eye. The discomfort goes away at night and
    comes back when I use the eye (with glasses).

    Some other clues:

    I have dry eye in the affected eye and have a SmartPlug punctal plug in the
    lower punctum.
    When first flying north I experienced some bad sinus pain around the
    effective eye before landing (I've had this once before with no other
    effect). The spasms started the next day -- coincidence?

    My ophthomologist said it's a benign spasm and will eventually go away --
    not to worry. She later prescribed an antibiotic ointment for the
    irritation, which seems to have helped that but not the spams.

    For the past week I have greatly reduced caffiene intake, started a
    magnesium and calcium supplement, but have had difficulty getting enough
    rest. I also have gotten less aerobic exercize than normal due to the
    travelling and other issues.


    Is the spasm causing the irritation and discomfort or vice versa? The
    spasms did get worse with a contact lens inserted.

    Could the punctal plug have anything to do with it? Could it have shifted
    due to flying and is irritating a nerve or muscle? Or could it have
    migrated totally out and my eye is now dry and that is causing the spasms
    and discomfort?

    Is there some other sinus condition (note the pain while flying) that could
    be causing the spasm?

    Will the spam just go away like it has in the past (although it lasted 1 or
    2 days at most and was not as severe then)?
    Keith Morris, Dec 5, 2004
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  2. Keith Morris

    RM Guest

    This is a benign condition called blepharospasm. It is generally not
    related to the eye but is rather a condition affecting the fine muscle
    fibers in the face which control eyelid movement. There is not much to do
    about it, as your Ophthalmologist told you. It will eventually go away.
    Reduced caffeine intake, reduced sympathomimetic drug use (e.g.
    decongestants like Sudafed, etc), and reduced "stress" are the only
    practical treatments. Calcium supplements are a reasonable approach as
    well. Time will heal all! Sometimes blepharospasms last a few weeks to a
    few months.

    I think your contact lens irritation is a separate issue.

    RM, Dec 5, 2004
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  3. Keith Morris

    g.gatti Guest


    again the professionals do not know what to do.

    This strange symptoms are very common once one starts the treatment
    with rest methods.

    Since this person has no help from conventional medicine, why doesn't
    he try with rest methods?

    You may search useful information in the page listed below.
    g.gatti, Dec 6, 2004
  4. The most common reason for eye twitches is STRESS!
    Take it easy!

    laurenleigh777, Dec 9, 2004
  5. the "twitch" is a spasm of the fine muscles due to lack of oxygen from
    being "tensed up". Once the muscle is rested, receives the appropriate
    level of oxygen the spasm will slow down and eventually go away. Some
    patients get relief from hot compresses to increase the vasculature
    gregorydsimpson, Dec 11, 2004
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