Method of alternation of lenses. Whether it is applied in America?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by alexeremeev, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. alexeremeev

    alexeremeev Guest

    In Russia we apply a next way. The medical sister periodically changes
    lenses in a frame of the child. The child looks through them at the
    table for check of visual acuity and tries to consider minimally
    possible letters. Various sequences of alternation of lenses with
    various dioptries are applied. For example, +1 and +2. Or 0 and +1.5.
    Or-1 and +1. Time of alternation from 30 seconds till 2 minutes. Thus
    the degree of a pressure of accommodation periodically changes. Also
    alternate positive and negative lenses. Are applied also automatic
    Whether such methods and means in the West, in America are applied. How
    experts estimate their efficiency?
    alexeremeev, Aug 23, 2005
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  2. It is very difficult to understand what you are saying. Perhaps you are
    using an automated translator? Try having a live interpreter do it for
    you. It sounds like you are describing a form of eye exercise, visual
    therapy or orthoptics. Yes this is done in the US, but not much because
    it seems to be helpful only in certain, fairly unusual cases.

    w.stacy, o.d.
    William Stacy, Aug 23, 2005
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  3. alexeremeev

    alexeremeev Guest

    Orthoptists are engaged in a squint, infringements of binocular sight,
    amblyopia. I write about infringements of a refraction
    alexeremeev, Aug 23, 2005
  4. alexeremeev

    alexeremeev Guest

    Visual acuity increases on the average from 20/40-20/30 up to
    20/25-20/20 for 10 days. These are usual results in our clinic.
    alexeremeev, Aug 23, 2005
  5. Ok bad english I can deal with. This is unintelligble. Not
    understandable. Not readable.

    Get a translator, PLEASE!

    w.stacy, o.d.
    William Stacy, Aug 23, 2005
  6. That's understandable, and sounds suspiciously like a Russian version of

    w.stacy, o.d.
    William Stacy, Aug 23, 2005
  7. alexeremeev

    alexeremeev Guest

    I thought that I shall meet colleagues at this forum. And here
    unintelligible disputes. It is a pity to me that I was mistaken.
    alexeremeev, Aug 23, 2005
  8. I think you are talking about what we used to call "accommodative rock",
    an obsolete idea that has probably not been used by anyone in the US for
    30 years. So you're probably right, there won't be any colleagues of
    yours here. Maybe Otis...

    w.stacy, o.d.
    William Stacy, Aug 23, 2005
  9. alexeremeev

    otisbrown Guest


    otisbrown, Aug 23, 2005
  10. alexeremeev

    otisbrown Guest

    Dear Alex,

    Subject: Not invented here syndrome.

    Keep up the good work. The problem is not
    the your effort to "clear" vision -- which I strongly

    It is the classically closed mind you will encounter
    on by SOME "majority opinion" ODs.

    Just remember, concepts are changining and there
    are optometrists who support these various
    preventive methods that clear vision from
    20/50 to 20/20 by these "accommodative rock"
    tehniques. See:

    for further support for your methods.


    otisbrown, Aug 23, 2005
  11. alexeremeev

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    Please, if you could point us toward something published in a journal,
    preferably peer-reviewed.

    Dr. Leukoma, Aug 24, 2005
  12. alexeremeev

    Tom Guest

    he is saying that he can't understand your english. That's all.

    Tom, Aug 24, 2005
  13. mt, od ...:
    treatment with lenses outside the eye (eyeglasses, contacts) or
    intraocular lenses?
    which ones are you referring to as not effective?
    smiling bookworm, Sep 21, 2005
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