Mind and Vision......some interesting references that suggest support for Dr Bates

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by andrew Judd, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. andrew Judd

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    Last Century Dr William Bates suggested that vision problems were
    related to an abnormal condition of the mind.

    This view has been widely ridiculed but most people have not the
    feintest idea of what Bates was talking about.

    The text below is essentially the essence of Dr Bates point of view.

    "We dont see with the eyes but rather with the mind.

    Our eyes are a sense organ that detects a point of view that is not
    our minds point of view.

    Our mind has its own point of view........when we 'know' for a fact
    what is 'outside our head' we are not relying on the point of view of
    the eyes but instead on the minds point of view.

    When the mind 'knows' what is outside of our head we are
    straining to see rather than sensing what is actually seen.....instead
    we need to be guided by our eyes.....compare what we imagine we see
    now with what we imagine we saw earlier.....and compare this with what
    we imagine we remember we saw earlier......we dont see with our
    eyesight.....our eyesight is just a powerful guide to what is outside
    of our bodies.......we can only imagine what is outside of our
    bodies.....it is essential that we be prepared to see a point of view
    that is not our own.

    When we know for a fact what is outside of our heads we can never see
    normally........for a fact is only as good as a guess."

    (Bates was acutely aware of the unreasoning nature of humans......and
    realised that for example myopic people often had elaborate belief
    structures that seemed logically very correct but were in fact
    completely wrong.......in myopia we can observe that myopes have great
    difficulty seeing another persons point of view as if this point of
    view was their own.....they lack empathy.....are
    opinionated.....hostile...close minded....rigid in their
    thinking......narrow minded...shortsighted in their points of
    view...and essentially fearful of the consequences of others points of
    view, as if this point of view was of great threat to them)

    Sadly Dr Bates work has been completely misunderstood even by his
    followers and therefore can never be understood by those who have
    strong points of view that his view was rubbish.

    However there is plenty of evidence that Bates' point of view is not
    completely crazy.

    The following 2 articles by Dr Roberto Kaplan OD each contain a large
    number of references for anybody who is genuinely interested in
    finding out more about this subject.


    andrew Judd, Sep 17, 2003
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