More advice please - The latest on my misplaced LRI incision vision probs

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Roy Starrin, May 3, 2006.

  1. Roy Starrin

    Roy Starrin Guest

    All have been helpful as I have worked my way through 2nd
    opinions/options after 1st MD, performing an LRI incident to cataract
    surgery in 12/05, put the incision in the wrong place. This left me
    with this as the latest (last week)
    OD +.75/-3.00/99 Add +2.25 (Problem eye)
    OS +.75/1.00/70 Add +2.25 (Provided for info only-it works fine)
    (Above scripts were done last week by independent OD, who even took me
    for a walk in trial frames to see what I could see. New lenses go in
    Besides original MD, have consulted with 3 more MD + the OD just
    OD suggested I see the 4th MD which I did yesterday. So far, I like
    his approach the best - a no-flap sort of PRK-like surface ablation
    proceedure he calls Supralase:
    ( ) scroll down below the
    Many "old folks" like me (+71 years) had raved about him, but I had
    sort of not bothered with him until now. We will get together again.
    He is currently reviewing all the pretty eye "pictures" i.e. Orbscans,
    CustomVues, Axial Maps, etc., as well as the pre-op, post op records
    and all the consultants inputs.
    We will see each other at least once, more if I decide to let him go
    ahead. What he has said is that he would do what I infer as "spot
    treat" the CYL, leaving the SPH alone, where it is. He says he does
    not see it as an insurmountable problem and he would feel comfortable
    with that approach, if I would.
    So, this is sort of a new approach to me. Any thoughts, inputs, would
    as usual, be greatly appreciated. (I would note that [though not
    really relevant] his walls are full of pictures of well known
    entertainment, sports types, thanking him for their vision. On the
    other hand, the culprit has been sued twice so far this year. He is
    the best known in the area. The OD said were he in need of lasik in
    some form, he would go to the culprit - he just didn't recommend
    anything with a flap)
    My Goals
    Correct astigmatism in which flat surfaces appear to slant down, about
    45 degrees to the left (from dead ahead) E.G. Tried to work on some
    yard drainage problems last week. My "seaman's eye" could not tell
    whether ground was flat or not. Concurrently improve now-lousy depth
    Minimum aggravation of mild dry eye. He says, if needed, punctal
    plugs (did that once, they fell out) or cautery lower plus plugs upper
    if needed. Culprit got paid to cauterize them about 3 years ago; they
    are open now
    Glasses, though trifocals, are fine. Have warn them for 30 years.
    Would feel naked without them.
    Roy Starrin, May 3, 2006
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  2. Roy Starrin

    Roy Starrin Guest

    Before we started all this, I was OD +4.0/-1.25 and OS +3.75/-1.50
    and getting along fine with trifocals, except for the lousy vision
    because of the cataracts. Recognizing (as I have come to) the
    possibilities for damage when one lets someone have at their eye
    surgically, it looks like I would still have have a better pair of
    eyes that I did before.
    I will agree with this (just got the newest lenses a couple of hours
    ago) provided I return to a flat earth in a world with some depth
    perception I will go that way in a heartbeat. So far I have a better
    quality of vision than I did yesterday. But, to me, it's all about
    the astigmatism. Will see how it turns out.

    At the same time, however, I am still seeking to gain as much
    information as I can about the procedure he advocates in order that I
    can make the best informed decision possible---in case they won't let
    me back in the flat-earth society. Part of a decision of surgery vs
    glasses will be which surgery, with all its attendant baggage. To me,
    this sounded the most promising.
    There is no rush on this, I'm taking it slow and easy, trying to learn
    as I go
    Thanks for the input
    Roy Starrin, May 3, 2006
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